Friday, October 12, 2007


I hate my car.

The air conditioning isn't running worth a flip, it idles at over 2000 RPMs, and today I got very close, personal proof that the hydraulic thingies on the trunk lid aren't fully functional anymore.

Damned thing landed on my upper back, right between my shoulder blades.

My brain's fuzzy, a migraine is looming... so yeah.



Scott said...

Sorry. I don't understand how that could happen, and I hope you get over your migrane soon!

Angel said...

:( OWIE! my head is throbbing in sympathy (my back too).

Hope you're feeling better by now.

I think we headache chicks need our own private island with spas and cabana boys.

Either that, or a KK donut ;)

Mark said...

on the idle problem have your mechanic check for a vacuum leak. my truck did the same thing and it was a leaking vacuum hose that caused it.

Amanda said...

Scott, well, when you're leaning *into* the trunk to check stuff that's still in there, and the trunk lid isn't firmly up? It likes to crash-down-go-boom.

Angel, erm... yep. And out of drugs, blast it all. My vote's for the cabana boys ;)

And Mark, it is the vacuum line (or whatever that thing is). I need to see what it would cost to get it repaired. I have no intentions of hanging on to this car any longer than necessary because frankly, driving it scares me to death (it hates me), but would like for it not to, say, KILL ME before I can ditch it.