Thursday, October 11, 2007

Cranky? Eh, Not So Much...

The hormonally based rant will have to wait because I went and got in a good mood again. Sorry to disappoint.

Well, not really.

But I'm relatively certain I'll be in a foul temper at some point this week, so I'll spew then.


Angel and I went out to lunch today. Our plan was to go to this Thai place yesterday but one of her evil headaches whapped her upside the... well, the head (ouch, even typing that hurt), so we rescheduled for today.

The food was good. The company was even better.

And then right when I got into the car for the drive back to the office, Nickelback's If Everyone Cared came on the radio.

"Singing Amen, I, I'm alive."

Damned straight. And happy to be this way.


Scott said...

You are alive! That makes me happy. And I'm glad you are not hormonal and you got to enjoy a nice meal with your roll dog! And I totally wish some of my blogger buddies lived in my town!

Angel said...

:::Giggle::: I'm a roll dog ;)

Loved the company today ::smooch:: Made my day sooooo much better (especially after the headache from hell). I'm glad you're feeling better!!

See? Told you Thai food makes life a bit better :D We have to do that more often.

Love that song.....and it's hysterical to hear my son sing the lyrics to "I wanna be a rockstar" (I'm such a bad mommy! LOL)