Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Uhm... why????

Here's a map of where my readership comes from:

Okay, once you've settled down from laughing at my rather petite readership (I value each and every one of the six of you!), take a gander at where most of my viewership has been from the last week.  No, it's not the US.  Look harder at the dark green blip in central Europe.

It's the Ukraine.


No, I don't get it either. 

So, anyone actually reading today from the Ukraine want to fill me in on what's so fascinating on my sporadically-updated highly-disjointed blog?

I mean, I could almost understand it better if it were my snake blog

Who knows, perhaps an English class is using me for their curriculum.  Have mercy.


PlumPetals said...

I'm that tiny bit of green shading in Kuwait ;)

Amanda said...

Hee! I kind of like the international flair that I'm feeling from that ;)

Michael Mock said...

...In Soviet Russia, the Internet browses YOU.

Emily Crow said...

I also get a lot of hits from Eastern Europe and my husband tells me that it's because they are trying to find ways to hack my site in order to phish or plant mal-ware to gather financial information. I guess this is a regular pattern. And here I thought they were really interested in birds and nature in Illinois (the topic of my blog).

Well, not to be too cynical, but be careful when clicking on links from referring sites. I recently had a bunch of hits from a site that existed only to try to implant mal-ware on unsuspecting browsers.

Amanda said...

Emily, now that makes more sense. And Michael, from what Emily's saying I think in a way that's what they're attempting to do!

But surely there are other sites they can hit over a hundred times per day? Because it's not as if I have boatloads of traffic otherwise :/ I don't see how I'm the best use of their time.

Mrs Swan said...

That is weird! Mine are mostly US with a few odd ones sprinkled in. If only everyone that hit the page commented right? LOL

I have feedjit and everytime I see a hit from a FL city around me I always want to know who it is. LOL

BTW do you belong to a certain snarky website? One that has a area devoted to a Tampa area runner? I always wonder if one is you that says husbcat in the posts (or something like that)

Amanda said...

I hear you on the comments, LOL

Nah, I'm not on said snarky website as a poster; in fact, I just learned it existed a few weeks ago and have whiled away many delightful hours browsing their backposts! I have to say that I'm extremely relieved I don't draw enough traffic to be on their radar, because I know with my ADD-esque posting style and my quasi-health/fitness focus there would likely be some rather valid criticisms ;)