Monday, February 04, 2013

Manic Monday

Yep, totally co-opting the song title, but it fits.  In addition to work I've also got to pick up my steroidal eye drops and take the rats to the vet.  Why?  Because we have to check on how their respiratory viri are doing.  I'm not hearing any more sneezes from them, so that's a plus.

The downside is I'm 99% positive that our three females are all knocked up.  Thanks, Oops! Sigh.


Super Bowl Sunday was totally a non-issue as far as eating was concerned.  Choreboy and I aren't massive football fans, so we haven't even been paying attention this season.  To let you know how out of the loop we managed to be, I had to ask my mother who was playing and who won this morning.  So food was just that: food.  Saturday I fixed my favorite pork tenderloin recipe (linked here) doubled, so Brent would have some decent protein for the week, and on Sunday I tried out a new lentil recipe (this one).  The lentil recipe calls for red lentils, which I went and purchased.  I'd been curious about them for a while, but I'm cheap so I required an excuse to spend the bucks on Bob's Red Mill.  Well, I won't be making THAT mistake again, because once you've cooked the red lentils they turn into the same, disappointing muddy green the already muddy green (and much cheaper) lentils have!

Guess which color I'll be buying in the future, regardless of what the recipe calls for?

But -- visual disappointment aside -- the lentils were good.  I think the cayenne pepper and the mustard seeds added a bit more "oomph" to the flavor profile, which was fun.  Good thing I like it because I'll be sucking those down all week -- the full recipe makes a ton of food.


Scale verdict?  140.5.  I'm interested to see how several days of lentils for dinner impacts that.  It's upping my carb intake a bit, so my guess is I might hold steady until I've finished all of them.  We shall see.

Happy Monday, y'all!


PlumPetals said...

I have been totally out of football this entire season.
I enjoy lentils a lot and recently experimented with puy lentils. Loved them! I have to watch when I eat them though as they leave me feeling quite heavy and bloated.

Amanda said...

I like them too -- they're easy to fix and tasty :) But I'm going to be leaving them alone for awhile again because a) they appear to reproduce asexually (I still have freaking LENTILS left!) and b) they actively bloat me as I'm a pound up from where I was Monday. And that's WITH consuming asparagus.

I can handle it when I'm maintaining but when I'm still trying to undo the damage my giant brain let me get into over the holidays it's just too disheartening LOL