Saturday, October 13, 2012

In Brief

You know how easily some folks throw out their backs?  I swear, that's how it goes with my knee.  This evening I was engaging in the high-impact activity of sitting down to eat my damn dinner when *crick!*  There it went.

I'm holding out as long as I can before I take up my ortho on his surgery offer, but days like this I start thinking maybe we could work out that whole six weeks of no driving thing...


Christine said...

I totally want to try belly dancing and I like your sense of humor. You are at my goal weight, hand it over. lol. It will be good to follow someone who is adhering to a calorie limit.

Amanda said...

LOL -- good to see you here, Christine! You've done an amazing job yourself :D

Belly dancing is a blast! It's good to finally have a hobby that requires, say, actual movement. As for the calories, they're how I handle the fact that my knees bail on me. I can't control what my body does to me, but I certainly can keep a handle on what I put into my mouth!