Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tech Geekery

From this post back in 2007:

There is no more "wanting". I was using a Pocket PC phone when the iPhone first came out, and I knew I needed to hold off so I behaved (even though I thought the iPhone was really, really pretty). Then there was a significant change in my financial circumstances which resulted in me downgrading to a basic flip phone which possessed the grudgingly redeeming features of flipping open in both portrait and landscape modes along with a full QWERTY keyboard while in landscape. I had no data plan, used no internet access, had the minimum number of monthly minutes I could get away with -- it was time for austerity measures, and it worked. And I've continued to use that phone for over four years, much to the distress of my cellular service provider.

But times change, and Choreboy and I decided that after nearly three years of marriage it was about time we combined our cellular plans. So now we're both the proud owners of smartphones: his is, lamentably, a Droid, and mine is the vastly superior iPhone*. Yes, I know they're about to release the new iPhone, but my iPad is first generation (the iPad 2 came out less than 3 months after I got mine) so I'm pretty used to being at less than the bleeding-edge of Apple technology anyway. Plus I hear they're changing the docking configuration this time around, and it will be easier for me to keep track of devices that all can share the same cord.

At least that's what I'm telling myself.

But seriously... iPhone, yay! I'm definitely a happy camper.

*Yes, this is a joke. He loves his Droid and it is the right phone for him and his needs. Plus with his extended work hours, the amazing battery life of his phone is a must. He's a happy boy, and I'm confident we can manage to navigate the hurdles of a mixed-phone marriage :P


Angela Pea said...

LOL!! I did the same...carried my old phone and put up with the mockery of my children, friends and cohorts. I JUST got my first iPhone (the older model) and the super cool part? Because it was the older model, and because of our amazing work supported family plan, it cost me a whopping 49 cents. Oh yeah.

Patience is a VERY good thing. Congrats on your new phone!!

Angela Pea said...

P.S. I also snagged a pink Otter Box at a garage sale for my 'older' iPhone for a mere buck. Life is good.

Leigh C. said...

I just got the Samsung Galaxy LTR II. The III is out now, but I was so behind the times that the I'm still in awe of the II. You'll love your new phone and become instantly hooked. There's no going back now!

Clydesdale Jogger said...

Someday I too shall have a smart phone. Alas, 'tis not time yet.

Amanda said...

Angela, mine wasn't quite so marvelously discounted (WOW!!), but I also have an Otter Box for mine and I love it. Bulky, yes, but it protects My Precious and that's all that matters ;)

Leigh, I'm hooked for sure!

Kevin, I hear ya. It took years for this time to come back around. Sigh.

Jennifer Colgan said...

Droids rule and iphones drool!