Sunday, December 04, 2011

Activity -- Huzzah!

I finally made it back onto the treadmill today. Hooray! It was the first day I actually didn't feel too gross to sweat (recovery from the ablation involves ****TMI ALERT**** discharge in varying quantities and NO tampons, which leaves me feeling like a huge pile of ick ****END TMI ALERT****), and it was good to actually move myself just for exercise sake again. I only did 30 minutes on the treadmill at a rather low 3.1 MPH, minimal incline, but bear in mind that on Friday I pitched myself over the dog gate yet again, resulting in two horribly bruised and otherwise damaged already-iffy knees.

Sad thing is, on Thursday I'd just been thinking how neither knee hurt finally! And wasn't that great? And that if I were smart and cautious, maybe I could start back to running...

Uh-huh. We all know where this is going. You know that old saw about "If you ever want to make God laugh, tell him your plans?" I always get hit by that one. Good grief.

So anyway, 30 minutes on the treadmill, hooray! Both knees were slightly displeased with me when I was done (they'd prefer I never walk again as I appear to be rather bad at it), but they've already gone back to their pre-walk distant throb, so it's all good there.

If I didn't know better I'd swear my orthopedist has set up a system to raise the dog gates at random intervals to help me trip a bit more frequently so I'll push up the arthroscopic procedure he has in mind for when I can't stand my right knee anymore. There's no one damaged structure, just general degradation of the joint and "debris," in his words. Chondromalacia patella is the actual diagnosis, which I believe is accurately translated as Damn you're old, and your knees sure know it!


Anyway, I can let him go in and "clean it up in there" if I want, and part of me does want, but the other part of me says "Six weeks of no weight-bearing? And this is on my right knee, which means no driving? Uhm... no. Thanks just the same." I get 2 weeks of sick leave per year which I use up by October at the outside thanks to the kids, so nothing is banked. And beyond that, the transportation issue is huge. Public transit isn't an option (it's non-existent for folks in my end of town -- we're outside the city limits and even inside it's iffy), and even though I know my family and Choreboy would pitch in where they could, there are also the boys to consider and again, SIX WEEKS. It's just not feasible.


In other news, I made my first tart! This one was a browned butter tart topped with cranberries that I found at the Food & Wine website: linked here. Sucker took over 4 hours out of my life, but it was good.

The crust isn't gorgeous visually, although it was very tasty because I was careful not to overwork the dough and kept it chilled, but it was my first homemade crust, after all. Usually I figure the Publix refrigerated pie crust is sufficient. Practice is a marvelous thing, and I suspect this is a recipe that will have to be repeated.

Okay, enough! Must finish reading my book of the moment, Tim Dorsey's When Elves Attack. Any book with these opening lines:

"My name is Edith Grabowski. I'm ninety-three years old, and I've decided to stop having sex.

I guess you just reach a certain age,"

has my vote. Hee! Have a good one, y'all :)


The Ninja said...

Now I want to read that book. It sounds like it might be hilarious. Although I feel like I may have reached that "certain age" myself, or it could just be pregnancy.

Angela Pea said...

Yeah! You're feeling better!
Bummer on the dog gate. I'm constantly tripping over the dishwasher door at my house. Seriously. I have permanently bruised shins.

Lyn said...

That tart looks amazing! And you made the crust from scratch?!!! I'd ask for the recipe, but we've already established that I will no longer be attempting to bake... I will, however, still be accepting gifts of the baked variety...

I also want to know where to get my grimy little hands on a copy of that book. :)

Super Earthling said...

Mmm, the tart looks scrumptious and the book really sounds interesting. :)

My goodness, Amanda, you've really been through the ringer this year, health-wise. I feel certain 2012 is going to be a year of positives for you!

Lisa said...

glad you're feeling better!

Amanda said...

Thank you all :) And the book was hilarious. Well, okay, the main character is a serial killer...'s twisted but it works. I'm reading the series from the beginning now. It's a bit different from my usual choice of reading (I skew toward the paranormal and absurd), but a bit of change can be good :)

Clydesdale Jogger said...

Hi Amanda. A bit off topic but I mentioned Its All About the Walls on today's post over at The Jogging Clydesdale. If for any reason you want me to pull it from the post, let me know at beaker at madmenno dot net.


Amanda said...

I already caught it, Kevin, and thank you! Definitely leave the mention in -- I'm honored :)

tz said...

have so been contemplating ablation - the tart looks great and good for you that you got back on the treatdmill, congrats!