Monday, November 28, 2011

Recovery Notes

What freaked me out most after the endometrial ablation wasn't anything I'd anticipated. The cramping has been minimal-to-nonexistent, all after-effects as far as bonding with absorbent devices is concerned has been minimal. All in all, it's been negligible... that is, except the weight gain. The first time I got on the scale post-procedure it was up near 145.

That's 8-10 pounds higher than it was pre-op. YIPES!! And yes, it was all fluid retention. Holy cow.

I guess because most of my recovery has been a non-issue, part of my brain has been thinking that the ablation was more or less a non-procedure. Nope, not true. My body at least recognizes that it's been traumatized, and from what I can figure it's been recognizing that by bloating like crazy. And not only was my abdomen bloated, but also my chest (I almost outgrew my bras -- eeek!), and additionally my lower back.

I think that last was the weirdest part. I'd put my hands on my hips, but sort of toward my back, and I realized it felt different. Fuller. I kept poking and poking at myself and wondering, "Huh... maybe I just didn't realize how much padding I have back here," even though I knew that something was off.

I should have trusted my gut. Because this morning, after having a weekend of having to run to the potty every hour or so, most of the bloat has vanished (including the majority of the back bloat) and put me at 137-ish.

Back bloat. Huh. Who knew?


The Ninja said...

It makes sense, there aren't many nerve endings inside your body so it doesn't register pain the way the outside does. I'm glad you are feeling batter and that the back bloat has left the building.

No, not two trees...I have toddlers.

Janell said...

Trusting your gut goes well with endometrial ablation. I know about ablation though I did not have it. I wish I knew more about trusting my gut. ;-)

Amanda said...

Okay Nell, yeah, the toddlers kind of rule out two trees LOL. Kind of like my cats rule out... well, almost anything I don't want to sacrifice to their pleasure. Oy.

Janell, heh... yeah, I guess it does kind of go with endometrial ablation! Good call :)

Diane Fit to the Finish said...

Back bloat! So sorry that worried you so, but glad that the procedure went well for you.