Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Let's See if I Remember to Weigh In Tomorrow...

And why would I, a perfectly rational, sane adult forget to weigh in tomorrow?

For the exact same reason the Gum Zombie "forgot" his math book after I told him Tuesday morning that every night would be Math!Night here at Casa Justice. That is, until he nails multiplication/ division facts into his amazingly gyrating brain and tops it off with a heaping helping of fractions.

Poor kid. It took me until I was almost 30 to figure out that math is just another language. And I'd like for him to finish 3rd grade in well under twenty years.

So... yeah. Remembering to weigh in, and to put that number up here. Post-Reese's and post-vacation.


Oh, and just to cheer everyone up endlessly with more of Amanda's TMI-Fest, I finally have my ablation scheduled. Yay! It's set for November 18th, which means I'm both relieved and freaking out. My period or whatever it was this last time lasted 26 days. Sheesh, I should update my sidebar. So... yeah. I'm about done with that. We'll see how bad the recovery is. I have an appointment to get my roots touched up on the 19th, so I'd better be minimally functional the next day.

I am not missing that hair appointment, y'all. I had 3-month-long roots last time I went in for a touch-up and there will be no repeating of that travesty. Bad enough I'm feeling like some dried up useless husk of an aging female (and the kicker is that I know better than that! And I'm done having kids anyway, so what do I care that fertility is out the window? And... and... and... *headdesk*); I will NOT be some useless old husk of an aging female with multiple months of grey hair growth at her roots.

If I'm going to be a husk, at least I'll be a blonde one. Dammit.

So there.

Now I'm going to shuffle off and remind myself that chocolate* isn't going to solve this.

*Problem is, I'm pretty sure that the combination of chocolate and peanut butter might.


Choreboy said...

You're the hottest husk I know dear.... grey roots and all :)

Angela Pea said...

*sigh*...that's so sweet, Choreboy!

Amanda, you may want someone to drive you to the hair appointment the next day. I was still reeling from the anesthesia the day after mine.

Amanda said...

Choreboy, you rock :)

Angela, yeah, I've already got my mother lined up as my chauffeur for the hair appointment. We (the kids, the dog and I) may end up just staying at her house the rest of the afternoon as well, and Choreboy can come pick us up after work. My goal is to lounge about on a couch with the exception of when I'm at the salon inhaling my every-six-weeks worth of harsh chemicals.

The Ninja said...

One of my favorite pictures you've posted here is you in pigtails. Husks don't wear, you're not a husk.

And good call on the ride and company. My only experience with the anesthesia was when I was still in grade school, but it left an impression, it takes a bit before you feel yourself again.

Amanda said...

Okay, I'll admit that the ponytail picture was cute :) Thanks for the reminder there, Ninja!