Thursday, September 22, 2011

WW Weigh-In, Week 29

Weight: 136.25
Mood: *snort*

Food intake for the week? Good. Daily caloric intake averaged 1364 for the week, which is right around my supposed BMR not accounting for any activity over basically breathing. Burned 2000 calories with cardio. Also lifted 3x this week. Water intake was superb -- minimum 64 ounces per day, most days over 100. Protein intake was excellent. All whole grain bread. Very little refined intake. Basically, it's what I did the two weeks prior when I lost weight. Perhaps even better on the water intake front.

With all this, I'd expect a loss. Just a teensy one, perhaps. Maybe drop down to 134? I'd even take maintaining. But NOOoooooooooo... instead I gained almost two pounds.

Tell me about the math, people. Oh do.


Now that I've vented, most likely I'm dealing with more hormonal joy. As of today it's been 52 days since "that special time" showed up. And although this isn't the longest I've gone (58 days), it's long enough to definitely count as a "miss" since I usually run on a 26-day cycle. I still don't have any updates on the ovarian cyst. I don't even know the size of that sucker. Maybe it's growing? Could be. I have the repeat ultrasound on the 30th, so I should have some news within a week after that.

And because I'm a masochistic freak, I keep googling "ovarian cyst". Like that's going to do any good. All it does is make me flip through the boatload of errant information I've now got floating through my brain, worrying about causation, malignancy, potential abdominal scars... yes, from the legitimately worrisome (though unlikely) to the petty. I don't have any scars on my abdomen as of this time and I'd like to keep it that way, thankyouverymuch. Not that anyone much sees my gut, but still. It's the principle of the thing.

So what do I do now? I wait... at least until I get the ultrasound results back. And I contemplate joining Jillian Michaels' website. Or a gym. Or both. It may be time to shake things up a bit more.


In other news, tonight is the Elder's Open House. Middle school, insufficient parking, zoo-like atmosphere, and no time to eat between work and the time it starts. The offspring will be munching granola bars, and I'm going to hope my afternoon apple-and-yogurt (Fage rocks, for the record) holds me over.

Pray for us.


Dr. Fat To Fit said...

Don't worry too much on the cyst. They are almost always nothing. I hate open house. I think it's the teacher's way of torturing us. Hopefully your weigh in this week will be better. Hang in there.

Amanda said...

I hope you're right on that. Intellectually, I'm sure you are. If nothing else, my GYN would have told me if there were any immediate signs that Something Is Very Wrong. It's just my brain goes into overdrive... arrrgh!!! Oh well. I'll have something in around two weeks at least. I'm hanging on to that.

And I hate open houses with the fire of a thousand suns. I hated them as a teacher (sure I have time to have a private conference with 20 parents in one night!) and I loathe them equally as a parent. Oh well, this is the last one of the year and then I'm free again until next fall. Whew.

Angela Pea said...

The math? It's New Math. Basically, you subtract any number and the answer is a bigger number. Yep. It works that way for me, to. SO aggravating.

Weren't you in line for an ablation? And yes, I agree. The GYN would have told you right out if Something Was Very Wrong.

Open House = torture. Pure unadulterated torture. They should be illegal.

Amanda said...

New Math. Heh. Yeah, that's about it.

Yes, I'm in line for an ablation, but that was before the whole fibroid and ovarian cyst thing came up. I don't think the fibroid will impact the ablation (in some cases, from what I've over-read, it will in fact resolve the issue) and don't think the cyst will ultimately affect it. It just delays everything.

Oh well, on the plus side I haven't had a period since I saw the GYN. Must look at the positives!

Heidi said...

We joined Gold's Gym recently. There are three in the local area that have reciprocal memberships. The membership is only $20 a month and I can always bring a guest (which is Patrick, so that's one gym membership that covers both of us). And their equipment and classes are all very good. I'd recommend it if you're serious about joining a gym.

Susan, Super Earthling said...

I think you're going to feel SO much better after your upcoming ultrasound and you learn everything is a-okay. :)

And there's not a whole lot we women can do about hormonal weight changes. Just keep doing what you're doing and the weight will come off. Actually, I think you're doing amazing!

Today is day 1 of my post-vacation diet and I'm SUFFERING!!!!! LOL

Diane Fit to the Finish said...

I really hope it is all okay. I understand the stress though. Take it easy!

Jenn @ said...

Hormones suck, dude. Stay tight, if it is hormonal, things will start going in the right direction soon.

Lisa said...

I think my leg alone weighs as much as you. lol You have done so great and all this is just icing on the cake girl!

I've had cysts and I agree that the dr would say something asap if something were wrong...