Thursday, September 15, 2011

WW Weigh-In, Week 28

Weight: 134.5
Mood: I feel like Tim Conway's "Little Old Man" character...

Slow-moving much? I know, I know, it's going in the right direction. And yes, I'm definitely happy about that! Better down than up, even if it's only a quarter of a pound. That's a stick of butter. And at my weight, I'd better remember that. It all adds up. Although I will say that at this rate, the last five pounds might be off by January.

Of 2013.


In other news (this is getting to be a pattern, no?) I've had some totally phenomenal non-scale-victories this week! For one thing, I ran an entire quarter mile straight. So it was on my treadmill, and in this realm of actual 5K runners -- forget marathoners -- I know that's not a big deal, but in my little "Amanda Tries Couch-to-5K and Develops Stress Fractures in Both Legs" world? It's freaking huge! In fact, running for distance seems to work better for me mentally than running against a clock does. Somehow, watching a distance-oriented goal approach enables me to run longer than staring at the stopwatch counting down.

And for the record, Ke$ha's "Blow" rocks for getting that energy back up right when I'm flagging. Yes, I'm 41 and listening to a girl who spells her name with a dollar sign in the middle of it. Voluntarily. You can't possibly be more shocked than I am.

For another NSV, I'd mentioned the other week that I moved up to 15 pound dumbbells. Well, I was feeling really pansy-ish for only being able to knock out 10 reps or so with them when I'd been able to do 15 reps with the 10 pound weights without much strain. So yesterday after I did my set of 10, I picked up my old 10-pound weights and they felt like feathers! Whereas before if I went much beyond 15 reps on those weights I was struggling for it, last night I was able to do 25 reps with good form. Hah!

That totally makes up for the fact that I scared myself when I was putting on makeup and saw the cuts at my bicep and deltoid. Or this morning when I was turning the steering wheel and a flexing muscle (my own) distracted me. My visual ADD-esque issues better not get me into a wreck. "What distracted me, officer? Well, see, my forearm muscles were flexing and..."

Yeah, that wouldn't be good.


And if you'll let me indulge in a brief Mommy Brag moment, the Gum Zombie has tested into the gifted program at his elementary school. I am a combination of unsurprised, pleased, and mildly appalled. But mostly tickled pink. Yes, sadly my ego is partially tied in to the accomplishments of my spawn, even those as base as inborn intelligence. Actually, this has been slightly challenging to deal with as the Elder didn't qualify for the gifted program when he was the Gum Zombie's age, but Mr Problem Solver soothed his ego by reminding all of us (repeatedly) that he took the test at the beginning of second grade, whereas his little brother took it at the beginning of third, so obviously the child had an entire extra year to prepare himself.

The kid might have a point, actually, because the Elder is the child who figured out how to escape his crib at 19 months, and one month later worked out how to unzip the crib tent I'd installed over it to keep him confined. He's the child who built a ramp to climb over the gates I installed to keep him alive. He's the child who, when confined to his room for some misdeed or other at age three, decided he wanted out and since I had told him he couldn't come out the door, he worked out how to unlatch his window and had removed the screen and was carrying it into the hall to put it down when I caught him.

He's the child who caused me to utter the words "We don't use the ice dispenser as a toe-hold."*

Not gifted? My happy asterisk.

But all that said, I am truly tickled for the opportunities this will open for the Gum Zombie at his school. Hopefully he can be convinced to use his powers for good and not for evil. Because yesterday, Choreboy caught him doing flips off his elder brother's bed.

It runs in the family. There's a reason I purchase my haircolor.

*This involved Oreos and a Mommy who thought putting them on the side of the fridge top AWAY from the counter would keep a determined child out of them. Silly, silly Mommy!


Choreboy said...

The little old man was named "speedy" if I remember correctly. And your muscle tone is becoming pretty awesome! Now we just have to work on putting some meat on those bones that are sticking out everywhere ;)

Amanda said...

Bones are NOT sticking out. Good grief :P

Clydesdale Jogger said...

Runs for distance were always more enjoyable than runs against the clock for me. However, runs *for* the clock were often even more enjoyable. It wasn't about getting a certain distance in a particular amount of time, it was just spending that time I had set aside running. I could set the pace at what ever I wanted and just enjoy "the ride" as it were.

And congratulations to you and the gum zombie!

Diane Fit to the Finish said...

Great job on the non-scale victories. I am working on increasing my weight capability! And congrats on the running!

Angela Pea said...

Yeah!! Down is good, no matter what time frame. Sort of like running for distance, eh?

LOVE the boy stories...we have a pair of escape experts here, too. Many years ago, Husband spent several HOURS installing/welding a 'kid-proof' latch on our back gate, because the boys (then age 3 and 4) kept escaping the yard and heading out into the woods unsupervised. As Husband is putting away the tools, The Architect walks up to the gate and figures out the safety latch in 0.2 seconds, grabs DirtBike and they take off running down the trail! I thought Husband was going to blow a gasket.

Amanda said...

Kevin and Diane both, thank you!

Angela, I see your children were a great deal like mine are. Plus side is we're never at a loss for writing material ;)

Tina @ Faith Fitness Fun said...

That IS huge! Congrats on the running progress. :) And for the record Kesha's "blow" pumps me up too. :)

Alexia @ Dimple Snatcher said...

congrats on the quarter mile! And no shame about Kesha: really bad pop song motivate me the most! I have no idea why, haha

Tami said...

Lots of NSV to celebrate!

Congrats to your son!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Brag away! Sweet for the Gum Zombie!
Oh, and rock on for the running! ANy new distance is an accomplishment!