Thursday, October 28, 2010


In spite of the pictures posted of Choreboy and me on this blog, I'm still what I refer to as a "semi-anonymous" blogger. And by that, I mean that the entire surrounding community out here in the real world isn't aware that I blog. Or if they are aware, they have no idea what the URL is and likely couldn't possibly care less.

I'm semi-anonymous by choice, and now it's becoming a necessity. Both boys are getting older and, unlike the rest of the folks I know, they are painfully aware that their mother is a [cue gasp of horror] writer.

It's gotten to where they'll do or say something, then whip their heads around, glare at me, and say, "Don't you dare put this in your blog, Mom."

"Awwww, come on, can't I?"

"No. No, no no no NO!"

"Uhm... can I put that we argue about what I can blog about in my blog?"

Resigned sigh. "Okay. I guess. But nothing else!"

So, them getting older equals fewer stories about the Elder and the Gum Zombie, and more navelgazing for their mother. Fortunately I am endlessly fascinated by belly button lint.


In the world of food, exercise, and weight, I stayed within my calorie range again last week, and got in all my exercise as well. This current week is looking iffy on the exercise due to circumstances totally outside my control, but my hope is that I can at least make up some of the time over the weekend.

My next weigh-in is tentatively scheduled for next Thursday, November 4th. I'm hoping for 145, but we'll see if the scale chooses to cooperate. After that weigh-in I'll wait another minimum two weeks, so if I don't weigh in on the 4th I'm not going to bother until the 18th, one week before Thanksgiving.

Why the big gap in time? Well, you see, the evening of the 4th I'll be heading up to NYC to finally visit my niece, the two-month-old Divine Miss M for the weekend. And air travel plus my scale just don't mix. I've seen folks weigh just after a flight, and to those willing to do so, more power to you! I know the games my brain plays on me, though, and if I weigh in after all the exercise and decent eating I've been doing and see a higher number than I believe I should? It has the potential to send me into a tailspin. Frankly, the last thing I need a week before Thanksgiving is to get in that "what's the point?" mindset.

The fallout would be severe... as would the pie consumption.

Oh, and just a note to would-be thieves trolling blogs for burglary targets: it's only me going. The rest of the house including the Guard Hound will be home... er... guarding.


Christine said...

I missed the picture, but it sure sounds like living with teenaged boys can be trying, to say the least. Props to you!

Amanda said...

Christine, I'm just referring to pictures in general :) I show pictures of Choreboy and me (the most recent are around August 15th), but any pictures of the boys are of their backs LOL

Juli's Journey said...

I was just in New York this summer. My first time ever. It was AWESOME. I totally understand what it is like living with teenage boys. I have 3, well, now 2 of them are in their 20's. UGH!!! and to think I started over and now have a 5 year old daughter who thinks she's 16. lol. Have a blast in NY, Amanda.

Choreboy said...

Note to burglars: You are welcome to come on by. I haven't fired my .357 in several months and I'd love an excuse to use it. Besides, the GuardHound (tm) would be tickled to have fresh meat for a change.

Amanda said...

Subtle, dear... ;)

Jen said...

Almost no one I know in the real world reads my blog, either. I think I want to keep it that way. said...

yes, my husband often finishes moments of embarrassment with a "please don't blog this"

Mauigirl said...

I'm so impressed you're down 20 lbs. Keep up the great work. Maybe I'll give it another try; I'm stagnated in my mid-160s.

I used to be more anonymous but gradually more people found out about my blog and I finally gave up and post links on my Facebook page so everyone pretty much knows. But I'm OK with it - no family to embarrass except DH and I try to keep him sorta anonymous anyway.