Thursday, September 09, 2010


Well, in the Gum Zombie's elementary school's continuing quest to drive me completely around the bend, they just sent home the reminder about tonight's open house last night.

I know, I know, we're all grown ups and should have looked this up on the school website (which they update maybe once a year... in May), but seriously? Sending the reminder home the night before? Just not bright. Try the beginning of the week, kids. Most of us try to pay attention, but when you throw this on our [overloaded] plates less than 24 hours in advance, we get a bit skittish.

Choreboy has valiantly offered to accompany me, to help keep me in line. Otherwise I'd likely sit and read a book through the entire PTA meeting.

Shame for me to ignore the whole thing. Yes, I'm trying to convince myself of that.


In other news, food went well this week. I've still not weighed myself and I count that as a bit of a victory as well. My brother told me on Labor Day that my face looks the thinnest he's seen it in recent memory.

I think he needs glasses. But I'll take it.

My knee is improving, thank goodness. One more week off it and I hope to be back on track with my cardio. And Choreboy's job situation just improved exponentially, which means I can finally breathe again.

Whew :)

Ooops, my reminder to gather the office garbage just popped up. Better get a move on. Have an awesome weekend!


Anonymous said...

Uh...unless it's mandatory for an offspring's grade, I don't even go to open houses any more. For pete's sake, we've been at the same school for FIFTEEN years now!!

It's not rocket science, figuring out my role as a parent of a student. And the parking lot rules are still the same. And library procedures. And yes, I understand that every family is obligated to volunteer hours. We're covered, been volunteering at church and school for decades, you have my number. blah blah blah

*sigh* I feel for you!

Cheeseboy said...

Hey, our open house is tonight. I am thinking of wearing a fedora to impress the parents.

I do wonder why parents even come. I guess to listen to the PTA drone on about food and fund raisers.

Amanda said...

Angela, well at this point we're still making sure the teachers know we're attentive parents, dammit, LOL

Cheeseboy, I think the fedora would be a nice touch. As for why we show up, our PTA offers some really spiffy door prizes?

Yeah, I don't know either. But the Gum Zombie's teacher rocks, and after last year especially this is a welcome change.

Jen said...

My favorite is when they send a note that a school supply of some sort is needed the next day and I have to go back out and buy it. We couldn't get a few days notice so it could be picked up on the way home? I hate making special trips.

Hope your knee is better.