Thursday, September 30, 2010

Just Three More Hours

Tonight after work:

  • 5:05 - Pick up the dog.
  • 5:25 - Pick up the Elder.
  • 5:40 - Pick up the Gum Zombie.
  • 5:45 - Arrive home.
  • Let dog out back.
  • Feed snack to Offspring.
  • Scoop litter boxes. Have staring contest with cats.
  • Let dog back in.
  • 6:00 - Leave for the Elder's middle school's Open House.
  • 6:30 - Open House begins.
  • Continue cursing under my breath because the middle school and the words "adequate parking" are never to be found in the same sentence unless joined by a negative.
  • During mandatory PTSO meeting, wonder why in the world Herff Jones is selling middle school class rings. Holy crap.
  • 8:00 - Open House ends.
  • Attempt not to be run over by the several hundred other parents who've also missed their dinners and are desperately trying to be first to get to their cars to hit the McDonald's drive through.
  • Feed children.
  • Take out dog.
  • Staring contest with cats. Someone used the litter box again. Pungently.
  • 8:45 - Showers for both boys.
  • 9:00 - Gum Zombie's bedtime is ignored because he has a spelling test in the morning and needs to study his words. Yes, he could study them in day care. No, he won't do it. Why? Because he's seven. And balky.
  • 9:30 - Put Gum Zombie to bed, because all the studying in the world won't help the child if he's too tired to remember what he's learned.
  • 9:45 - Finally get on the treadmill for W1D2 of C25K.
  • 9:46 - Stop the treadmill to answer the phone. Choreboy's on his way home. Put on coffee prior to his arrival.
  • 9:50 - Get back on the treadmill.
  • 10:00 - Off the treadmill to greet Choreboy. Elder's bedtime. "Yes, now. Yes I mean it. No you may not watch the rest of WWE. I don't care what CM Punk is doing tonight."
  • 10:10 - Kick side of treadmill. Get back on.
  • 11:10 - Stumble off of treadmill after post C25K walk. Shower. Wash hair.
  • Midnight - Remember I haven't eaten dinner yet.
So yeah... I'd like just three more hours for this evening, please. That's all.


Biz said...

I am exhausted just reading about your evening!

Sadly, my night?

Arrive home 5:15. Light grill. Pour a glass of chardonnay, chill with the hubs and daughter while waiting for the grill to come to temp.

6:00 - say bye to daughter as she has college classes tonight.
Put burgers on while homemade fries are in the oven.

6:30 - eat outside in our gazebo for as long as we can considering they are calling for frost this weekend.

7:00 to 9:00 - catch up on all our shows on NBC and on the DVR while snuggling on our couch.

9:00 - 10:00 - download my pictures for the day, check out blogs,let the dog out.

10:15 - text my daughter tonight because she's going out after school

10:30 - bed!

I'll be thinking of you though!

Dr. Fat To Fit said...

OMG. My day is soooo similar to yours. I TOTALLY get this entire post. WTH with school parking? WTH with open houses where you have homework that night and no dinner. WTH with spelling tests every freaking Friday.

When I get home I always say I'm starting my second shift. It is soooo true.

Amanda said...

Biz, I'm envious! I've had evenings like yours (I get off work early on Fridays, which puts me home around 5:15 after all the pickups), but they are few and far between. Oh well, they're only young once.

Some days that's more comforting than others.

And Dr. F2F -- uh-huh. It's definitely 2nd shift. That's one huge reason why my husband is "Choreboy"... the man gets that if he pitches in on the housework etc., he has more than a snowball's chance of getting the benefit of a third shift, if you know what I mean ;)

Anonymous said...

"...the man gets that if he pitches in on the housework etc., he has more than a snowball's chance of getting the benefit of a third shift, if you know what I mean ;) ..."

How the HECK did you teach him that?? I've been married for 25 years, had kids in the house for 19, and I have NEVER EVER been able to figure out how to get that across to my Darling!

Amanda said...

Angela, he came pre-wired that way.

I don't question it, I just thank my lucky stars!