Monday, June 14, 2010

*Tapping foot...*

Week 10 Weight: 154.5
Week 11 Weight: 152.75
Week 12 Weight: 150.5
Week 13 Weight: 150.75
Week 14 Weight: 152
Week 15 Weight: 151.5

Well, we're moving in the right direction at least. Though I probably hosed that over the weekend as I broke 2000 calories per day on Friday (2966), Saturday (2240), and Sunday (2474). Considering my allowable range is 1200 - 1740 and I prefer to stick to 1450 - 1550 before accounting for exercise as an average daily for the week?

I know, I'm not seeing that happening either. Warning -- bitchfest ensues below.

I'm just tired right now. And I'm burned out to boot. It's hard for me to get below 150, and harder still to stay there. But I know I *can*... it's just that my body is so used to this being my low that I'm about to shriek or do something similarly undignified.

Plus we have The Hormones from Hell which put me now at 14 days past due, making this a 39-day cycle this month rather than my standard 25 days. So yeah, crabby would be me.

Perimenopausal, table of one? Your table is ready.


(Oh, and I'm still not liking this whole forty-years-old thing, plus the company that made the only base makeup I ever had that was the right color has gone out of business, so the nice ladies at the make-up counter keep trying to make my skin look darker than it is. Newsflash, dearies -- I'm pasty and happy this way! Grrrrrrr...)

Yeah, I've almost snapped. I'll be back when everything levels out, or after I get some medicinal chocolate in me -- whichever comes first.


Anonymous said...

LOL you are funny... menapause is not that bad ummm well ya ok it is.... I did it twice with cancer then it came back then surgically... look into some happy pills... they work wonders for me.. I hope you reach that 149 mark here soon..

Patsy said...

Those pesky last few pounds.... I bet you'll suddenly drop to 148! ;o)

Amanda said...

Laura, well I've been dealing with the "peri" part of menopause for the past six years... we do it on the earlier end in my family. I swear, it's a miracle I'm not nuts (or nuttier) by now, LOL.

And Patsy, so do I! But it isn't going to happen with random ice cream sightings (read: eatings). And I had about... hmmm... three of those last week?

I think I'm a little burned out, LOL. Or maybe it's just the insane hormones. Either way, it's obnoxious :)

Mauigirl said...

I totally identify. Here's hoping you break through that set point and hit a lower point next time.

As for the perimenopause thing, at least you are bleeding less often. I, on the other hand, bled more often during the last few years of my so-called childbearing years! I was so glad to hit menopause, I still marvel at the wonderfulness of not getting a period anymore.

Amanda said...

Maui, thanks! So do I, obviously... :)

And believe me I'm happy about the less bleeding bit, because a couple of year ago it was The Age of the Endless Period. Really, it was pretty obnoxious. Now if this would just be my last I'd throw a party. It probably won't be, considering my age. But my mother had her last at 41, so there's hope!

Sweeter than Sugar said...

And thank you for your follow-up follow! hehe

The way I see it is as long as you keep exercising OR eating right you're still on track so all is well:)

For me there is a pretty strong motivation to get moving, namely I get to eat more! :D I have set the calorie counting so that it will up my calories if I input that I've burned calories and since the no exercise calorie target is between 1400 and 1650 I pretty much HAVE TO do some exercise or I'll go crazy with cravings!!

Oh and I had exactly the same thing happening to me with the makeup... I am really pale so finding a foundation that looks natural is such a pain!