Sunday, June 27, 2010


Hey, if that murderous twerp they've got in prison down in Brazil can do it, so can I.

From Thursday's entry:

"And frankly, I can't blame my food intake, which was otherwise on-track, nor can I blame my exercise, which was awesome."

Okay, I've been doing some thinking. Last week was good enough, I'll give it that. But looking over the big picture, I see what has happened.

Yes, my calories were in line, but they were in line with an upward creep that had started back when I began working out again. I also saw that my once weekly "out of range" day had increased to 2 or even 3 days out of range. Overall my average intake was still within reason -- 1550 calories per day for the record, before adjusting for exercise -- but the upward trend was there.

And on my exercise, my consistency was awesome, I'll give myself that for sure. My intensity, however?

Not so much.

I've been walking for about an hour on my treadmill at 3 MPH and a 5% incline, and telling myself it was challenging. Well, it really wasn't. It's not as easy as sitting on my duff, I'll grant you that, but just adding two five-minute bursts at 10% incline tells me that the new cardio routine definitely is challenging, whereas the former was getting rather more comfortable than not.

Also, speaking of the overall picture... uhm... it would appear my resistance stuff (weights and other delightful things)... uh...

Yeah. Not for a couple of weeks.

So. Ahem.

This weekend, I've truly kicked ass. I cooked what I needed to, I've definitely eaten well, and my workouts have been absolutely challenging.

I've remembered my weights, too.

I'm sorely tempted to weigh myself again tomorrow to see if this weekend has caused a shift in the poundage. If I cave and do it, I'll let you all know the results.

Game on.

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Anonymous said...

twerp is to nice a name for him... I can't think of a better one... I hope that prison chews him up and spits him out...

have a great Monday