Thursday, June 24, 2010

Lemon Law

Week 12 Weight: 150.5
Week 13 Weight: 150.75
Week 14 Weight: 152
Week 15 Weight: 151.5
Week 16 Weight: 149.5
Week 17 Weight: 150.25

I'd like to blame the Lemonheads I hit up this week.

Although I really can't.

And frankly, I can't blame my food intake, which was otherwise on-track, nor can I blame my exercise, which was awesome.

All I can do is remember that I'm only 20 pounds from goal, and I'm already theoretically at a healthy weight.

Well, that plus the fact that "that time" finally decided to show up, 24 days after it was scheduled to arrive. This was a 49-day cycle this time around, which I believe means I actually skipped, rather than merely being late. Ah, perimenopausal bliss (erm... notsomuch).

With all this going on, there are just weeks when I won't lose. Or when I'll go up by .75 pound in spite of choosing well most of the week.

SO... I need to evaluate what I'm eating (nix the Lemonheads -- if I want something processed I'll just get the damned Snickers already), analyze my exercise (the 3MPH @ 5% incline for 60 minutes just isn't as challenging as it should be, blast it), and forge ahead.

Now if I could just overcome this urge to dive face-first into a barrel of chocolates...


Jenn said...

I agree, you should have gotten the snickers - lemonheads just don't cut it, and you could have just allocated for the snickers in your day...
And yes - there will be weeks when you won't lose, especially when Aunt Flow finally decides to show up!
Have faith - you're doing so great, the scale will recognize that again!

Jesse Katz said...

What a bitter way to put a pound back on

Amanda said...

Jenn, thanks!

Jesse, Ha!! Lemon, bitter... yeah.

It's not so much putting a pound back on (and it's only .75 pound, thankyouverymuch) as it is dealing with an actually fairly small "bloat" due to the PMS fairy, who apparently is on some serious amphetamines.

49 day cycles my happy ass. Just what *I* need is 4 weeks of hormonal nuttiness...