Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Ten days since my last post? Whoa, I feel like I should be in a confessional or something.

I had a follow-up with my orthopedist on my legs that I so cleverly managed to break all by my very own self (I have mad skillz!). To my surprise, I learned that I have "fluffy" bones.

His words, not mine.

The actual translation of the "fluffy" is that new bone growth is showing in the fracture lines, which signifies healing and is a good sign and all of that. So I'm now officially allowed to intensify my exercising, and although running isn't recommended at the moment, it's something I will be able to do in the future should I desire.

That's a hard call. Running broke my freaking legs. Like, with minimal effort from me. So... yeah, going to have to think on that.

Speaking of causes on why our femurs fracture with very little notice or fanfare, I should have the results of my bone density test back soon. I don't want to be diagnosed with osteoporosis at my age (hello, only forty here), but on the other hand if it isn't osteoporosis, I can't imaging what else would cause that kind of break in one of the heaviest bones of the body. And I'm not so sure I want to imagine what could cause it, to be frank.

On the weight front, I was at 154.5 last Thursday, which is up half a pound from the week before and which I'm totally okay with. I'd had a sodium fest the night before I weighed in, so I'm pretty tickled it was only half a pound. If it lingers (which considering my Mother's Day brunch intake it could), I'll worry about it then. Likely in a couple of weeks.

I would chatter more after such an prolonged silence, but my beloved offspring are making "I'm starving" noises. To protect my own health and sanity, I suspect I should go fill the trough.

Have a good one, folks :)


I'm Just Another Fat Girl said...

Oh Mandy!

I've been wondering about your aforementioned breakage. What happened? This must have happened during my online hiatus. Please fill me in. You have my email? Jafgblog@ gmail.com.

Glad to hear "fluffy" can be positive thing!


Amanda said...

You've got email... I tried to be brief.

Yeah, you already know how that turned out ;)

Ms Snarky Pants said...

Can't stop giggling about the term fluffy bones! I'd stay away from the running until you're fully healed if I were you! Maybe do elliptical or fast walking or something. Don't wanna get hurt again!

Jenn said...

Ouch, that sucks. Hope its not that serious!