Monday, May 17, 2010

Take THAT, Olive Garden!!

I had my lunch already entered on the nutrition tracker that I use. One can of Progresso Light Homestyle Vegetable and Rice soup, and one container of Del Monte's No Sugar Added diced peaches. Not the best meal out there, and a bit more processed than I'd like on the peaches (I'm a soup slacker and just can't bring myself to fret about the ick in there today), but it was low on the calories which I needed considering I'm planning on firing up a pot roast in the pressure cooker tonight.

Unfortunately, I'd forgotten that we had a "Lunch & Learn" scheduled today at the office. This is where one of the vendors (we're an architectural firm) brings in massive quantities of food, and those who are affected by the product -- i.e., everyone but me -- have to eat the food and listen to them deliver an educational seminar for an hour.

I make it clear to the vendors that, as I am She Who Puts Them on the Schedule, they are required to feed me as well. I haven't had any arguments from anyone, although my predecessor shared that one company told her, "Well, it's against company policy to include clerical staff in the headcount..."

Somehow, those folks didn't make it onto the schedule*. Shame.

So anyway, today's vendor likes to go above and beyond the standard Panera fare, which I can weather without much stress. No, no, they brought Olive Garden. And there was much rejoicing from everyone employed here who isn't me.

However, I'm amazed to say that I actually survived the meal without plunging my head straight into one of the (EIGHT!!!) bags of breadsticks they brought in. I had a little 9" plate, and I filled half that sucker with salad, and the other half with pasta. I went heavier on tomato-based sauces than cream. And although I did take a breadstick, I also threw it out after the second bite when I realized it was stale.

Why waste my calories on something that just wasn't that good? There was a time in the past where I would have eaten it just because... but (tooting my own horn here) my pot roast is that good, and I'd rather use more calories eating that tonight.

Unfortunately, there will be leftovers. So here's hoping my amazing willpower (I am the processed carb queen, y'all) holds out.


In other news, I was down to 152.75 when I weighed in on Thursday. I kind of laughed when I saw the weight, because I remembered back when I was 24 years old is when I'd first hit the 150's.

I weighed 153 and at the time I thought I was huge.

Now? I'm tickled pink by it.

Gotta love perspective.

*Just to clarify, our office is very small, 10-11 people total, and there's only one clerical employee. So seriously not out to break anyone's bank here.


Anonymous said...

you go girl... your blog is inspiring.. keep up the good job.. I am only two weeks into this calorie deal..I don't mean to bust your bubble but you need to check out what has to say about olive garden..

Jenn said...

That's great, Amanda! Way to work the pasta lunch!
And yay on the weigh-in - you are on fire!!!

Amanda said...

Thanks Laura!

And no worries on Olive Garden -- I know the caloric hit I take when I eat their stuff, LOL. That's why I took dry salad, dressed it myself, only did a tiny sprinkle of cheese, no croutons, and was very sparing on the pasta ;)

Jenn, thank you! Now let's see what happens when the scale finally goes below 150. I remember last fall that happened... for about 5 minutes, LOL. Hopefully I can manage to keep going this time :)

Anonymous said...

Whoot!! I KNOW what you mean by those lunch and learn deals. I'm an engineer, and those babies are SO.o.o.o.o bad on the WW point scale!

Enjoy your pot roast!

Amanda said...

Angela, you can certainly relate then!

And yes, I'm going to enjoy the pot roast. I would have enjoyed it more if I hadn't just got a text from my husband saying he'll have to close tonight (which puts him arriving home around 3AM) and therefore will miss dinner... but it's Good Eats (tm Alton Brown, LOL), so I suspect I'll muddle through ;)

tz said...

congratulations on the weight loss...and 150s...awesome! I'd wear a bathingsuit at that weight!

Mauigirl said...

I totally relate to this post! It reminds me that back in 1981 I went on a very strict diet because I hit 131 lbs.! I lost 25 lbs. in 2-1/2 months (my own version of a low-carb diet, strictly enforced) and got back down to college weight. Now I'd be THRILLED if I ever got anywhere near 131 lbs.! (I'm short so my 131 is probably your 153!).

Good for you, sticking to your diet despite the temptation of the Lunch 'n Learn. Before I stopped working I usually used a LNL as an excuse to pig out. Bad me.

Amanda said...

Tz, thanks! It's a sight down from where I was, LOL

Maui, I hear you on those L&Ls. Holy cow, they can be devastating to a healthy eating plan and I used to view them as a "sign" that I was meant to just eat that day... and for however many days the leftovers held out.