Monday, May 31, 2010


Yep, it's definitely a balancing act.

My weight this week was 150.75, which is up a quarter pound from the previous week. It's not so much a gain as it is a matter of bad timing. That weight was actually taken on Friday rather than Thursday, because on Thursday I totally forgot to weigh in. We had a deadline at work and that on top of a dentist appointment for some roto-rootering of my gums (this after-forty stuff sucks, y'all)... well, the scale just wasn't at the forefront of my mind.

I belatedly weighed myself on Thursday on my way back from the dentist visit, and it came out 150.75 after breakfast, coffee, and other fluid intake. Then Thursday night we went out to Louis Pappas, a Greek/ Cuban eclectic type of cafe in our region. The food is awesome, but the sodium is intense. Then couple that with the hormonal ramp-up and... yeah. 150.75 for Friday morning.

Oh well. I'm not tickled by it. Logical as I am about the causes, it's still aggravating to see the scale move in that direction but it's just a standard weight fluctuation. After last week netting me over two pounds of loss, it's expected that I'd not really lose anything this week.

And I didn't.

On the good news front, I've been successful in increasing the intensity of my exercise a bit this week, from the safety of my treadmill. I've planned out a two-week program to get me ready to hit the actual streets. One week down and I've increased my caloric burn per session from 150 to 250 just by increasing incline a bit more. I've noticed a marked decrease in the leg instability while I'm on the treadmill, meaning I've had none my last two sessions, so that's awesome.

One more week here inside, then the boys and I are going to move this party outside, at least for a couple of days a week. They've got to join in the hikes too, so might as well be sure they're up for it! Not that I foresee a problem... they rarely stop moving. It's their mother who's the slug.

I'm really not sure what the scale's going to do this week. We had a big family event on Saturday that necessitated me baking two cakes (one dark chocolate with chocolate ganache glaze, and the other vanilla bean with vanilla bean glaze for those who are interested) and that involved massive consumption of same along with chips, dip, and assorted luncheon meats. A good time was had by all, but it definitely took me over my maximum calorie range. Then last night the boys required brownies and today I'm baking cookies... yipes!

The last time we had a weekend like this I ended up gaining a pound. But that was also when I was under doctor's orders to be as sedentary as possible as opposed to my current activity level so we'll see where this all ends up.

Balance. I'm working on it.


Choreboy said...

And in the interim, I'm likely to gain 35+ pounds because I am required to eat all remaining cake, brownies and cookies so that she won't be tempted.

TaDa said...

you will be fine... hang in there.. and chin up