Monday, January 18, 2010

We Are Not Amused

It's Monday, and while a good portion of the nation is off work, I'm sitting at my work computer sucking down my bowl of soup for lunch as I type this.

I'm a bit bummed because my knees are still all out of whack. I decided to forgo any more running until the group run on Tuesday, but the way my right knee keeps trying to collapse or whatever it is it's doing, I think I'm going to have to bail on that, too.

So I've sucked it up and called my doctor. Going in on Wednesday afternoon. I have a feeling this is the first visit in a long line if something in my knee is totally hosed. Or my knees.

Here's hoping she just tells me to wear a brace or something. I hope this is that easily fixable. It doesn't hurt which to me is a positive, but Choreboy had a friend whose ACL was on its way out and it started similarly.


1 comment:

Jenn said...

Oh man, Amanda - I hope it's nothing too serious!!!
Try to rest...