Tuesday, January 26, 2010

And My Status Is...

With all the medical appointments, MRI scheduling, and regular hoopla, I figure my mindset at this point is best reflected by my recent Facebook status messages:

Amanda Justice Note: to everyone who calls a place of business, please STATE YOUR DAMN NAME. Kthanksbai!

Amanda Justice
Those of you who work at front desks (this includes me) -- do your damn job. Don't pull this "I'm just one person" garbage. If anyone needs to hear that it's your boss, not your clients or patients. Tell the clients that you'll get it taken care of... then DO IT.

Amanda Justice
When your office makes a mistake, it behooves your office to fix said error in as swift a manner as possible. It is NOT a good idea to treat your client/ patient like a burden for an error on your part. Just sayin'.

Amanda Justice
People don't listen. Me, 3 minutes ago: "Good morning, Random Initials Architects!" Caller: "Yes, is this Citywide Painting?" *headdesk*

Amanda Justice
A helpful hint: at the conclusion of a telephone call, please say "goodbye" before hanging up the phone. Did your mother raise you in a barn? No? Couldn't prove it by me!

Where have common courtesy and customer service gone? The way of the dodo? Holy cow, some days I feel old.

Seriously, not doing too badly... life gets frustrating and at the moment I'm in the middle of one of those frustrating bits. In some way or other it will pass, though. I've got an appointment tomorrow for MRIs on both knees, so shortly after that we should at the minimum have a better idea of what's going on. Hooray!

Oh, and on the really good news front, today the joint instability has been much better which gives me hope that I can at least start walking on my treadmill again. That would be awesome, because I am sick and tired of having to watch every little stupid calorie I consume. UGH.

I never thought I'd be excited to exercise, but one thing I'm learning through this injury, whatever it is, is to never take my body's functionality for granted.

And I will run a 5K. It will have to wait awhile, but I will do it.


Jenn said...

You are too funny! But it's true - courtesy is dead.
Hope things work out with your knees soon!!

Lisa said...

Glad your joints are better!