Saturday, January 09, 2010


People, I can see my breath out here.

Our computer room (aka "The Dungeon" according to Choreboy -- not for any salacious reason, but rather because the room is a pit) is a converted porch. The previous owner of the house walled it in, and that was that. I'm not even sure he used any insulation. It's not hooked up to the main house's central heat and air, so although we've got a window unit installed for air conditioning, there is No. Freaking. Heat.

The high today is supposed to be in the mid 40's. I'd be hard pressed to say it got out of the low 40's, if that.

There were snow flurries in our end of town today. Snow flurries.

And where do I live?

Florida. Welcome to the sunshine state, y'all. I'm moving back to the couch to wrap up in the electric blanket.

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