Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Now I'm remembering why Chantix is good at helping people quit smoking. I just took my second day's dose a bit ago and I already feel like I need another cigarette. It seems that, for me at least, the nicotine-receptor blocking mechanism of Chantix makes it so my body says, "Hey! You know that nicotine stuff you've been feeding us the last fifteen years or so? Well we're not getting it, and we're pretty annoyed right now, so we're going to torment you. Just sayin'."


And then when I actually have a cigarette, the relief is minimal. Oh well, on the plus side this will help me drop them faster since it seems to affect me pretty swiftly. I'm thinking I won't have an issue dropping them by next Monday... or even by Friday of this week.

It'll be nice not to see that icky nicotine staining on my fingers. I think I'll also go get some new whitening strips for my teeth since I won't be sucking smoke through them daily and the whitening has a better chance of sticking.

Of course, the Diet Coke and coffee will likely mitigate the whitening somewhat, but they're gonna have to pry my caffeine out of my cold, dead, stain-free fingers.


Sciamachy Moran said...

Have you tried patches/gum? Nicotine replacement is generally seen as the more effective way of giving up since it divorces the nicotine habit from the act of smoking. Once you've stopped the craving / smoking cycle then you wean off gradually. It's how I gave up & I've been nicotine-free for about 12 years now. Of course, I had a good motivator: I was told I'd die in fairly short order if I didn't.

Amanda said...

Yeah, I've tried both. Obviously, no dice. The statistics I've read show a 44% successful quit rate with Chantix which, IIRC, is higher than the quit rate with nicotine replacement therapy.

Eh, whatever works. The male factor is going to be using patches... his choice. I figure as long as we quit and stay that way, it doesn't matter how we get there :)