Sunday, March 01, 2009

Depression Dinner

The video below is one I found from a link on my local "mommies" forum. It features this amazing 91-year-old woman cooking what she calls Poorman's Meal, and she has several other cooking videos there as well.

She's just too cool. And actually, she inspired me for dinner last night.

Tracy Stardust from Second Life, file this one in your "Stuff About Ajay" folder, because I used spam.

Somebody toss a bucket of water on Tracy if you're near her, because I'm fairly sure she just fainted.

Anyway, the way I cooked this one is that I took 5 medium potatoes, diced in 1/2" squares, two medium onions, similarly diced, and a can of (God help me) SPAM. I let He Who Brought This Substance Into My Formerly Spam-free House handle dicing that one, because spam totally skeeves me out in its "natural" state, if there is any such thing for that food-like product.

Potatoes go into the skillet first (heat set on the high end of medium), until they've shown some signs of cooking. Then I tossed in the onions and shortly thereafter, that pork product which purports to be food.

Pepper to taste, season with favorite herbs (I went with garlic and rosemary), and salt with caution if you don't want to retain so much water you mistakenly think you've aged 10 years overnight, which happened to me after eating spam once. Eewww.

Ahem. Well, moving right along, we also grated an 8 oz. bar of cheddar and sprinkled that over the top when everything was cooked through. It was seriously not bad. And the male factor and sons really REALLY liked it.

We're already plotting variations, like using pepper jack cheese next time, a small green bell pepper, maybe diced tomato or even sundried tomatoes for color, additional flavor, and texture... and actual ham.

Note to Tracy: No, we will not be adding PEAS to this, regardless of any color or texture they might add. Or perhaps precisely because of that. :P

Of course, we're taking it out of depression mode, but it's sure fun to find a new base meal to play with. Even with the additions it's still cheap, and considering this economy, cheap is good.


Mauigirl said...

I watched the whole video - she was great! And I kid you not, I said to myself, "This would be really good with Spam!" before I read the rest of your post! (I kind of grew up eating Spam - my mother is also a Depression survivor - and actually is the same age as this lady). My mom was reminiscing that they used to have church suppers during the Depression and people brought tuna casseroles and called them "California chicken." Don't know why it was California but I guess it sounded good.

Amanda said...

Maui, isn't she amazing? And I have to laugh at your thought about Spam before you read the rest of my entry, hehehe. Yeah, it was really good! I had some reheated for lunch and the flavors had had more time to blend... yum. My older son dragged out the leftovers too and had large bowl just a bit ago. I'm so glad I was directed to those videos!

Sciamachy Moran said...

Spam's not that bad really - try spam fritters: slice a can of spam, dip into batter & shallow-fry it. It's a bit bland & greasy but great comfort food & ripe for adding some nice sauces