Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Humans Rock!

I had my body composition tested by a real, live, caliper-wielding human at the gym this past Saturday, and whaddaya know? 24.7% body fat, baby!

HAH. Take that, BodPod. Skinny-fat my happy asterisk :P

On my way to the gym, I stuffed this picture into my purse:

Isn't it delightful? Note the Diet Coke in my hand. Because that makes it all better.

Anyway, it took a while for the manager to finish with a walkthrough that had been previously scheduled, so I was chatting with a couple of girls at the desk. My workout history came up, and I hauled out The Picture of Doom to explain where I'd been (the picture is from May of 2006, about three months before I realized I'd cracked the 200-pound barrier), my current state, and my determination to never, ever, return to anything resembling the woman in the photograph. When the manager finally walked up, the older of the two women I'd been talking to looked at him and said, "I want her start-up," and then headed out onto the gym floor.

He stared after her kind of stunned, but I didn't think much of it. Turns out she's the head of their trainers and doesn't do the start-up program. Like, ever. But she was really impressed by how far I'd come from where I started, and she wanted "in" since I was finally turning to the professionals, LOL. Very cool lady -- I'm glad things worked out the way they did.

Her analysis of me at this point, after two one-hour sessions, is that she's going to have to keep me from hurting myself. On first impulse I'd say she's off base, but after the pulled back muscle, slipping shoulders, bum knee, bilateral stress fractures and I don't know what-all else that I've managed to put myself through in the past few years (there's a wrist issue in there as well)... okay, maybe she has a point! I just know where I want to be, and I do what I feel I have to do to get there. From what I can tell, she has the experience to get me there in one piece.

You can't beat that.

I'm glad I went in, and I'm glad I joined. I was bored unto death with my workouts, so having new toys to play with is just freaking awesome.

It's about time, too, because Choreboy and I are heading for the beach later this summer and remaining slackerly just isn't an option. I have three bikinis I have to fill out to good advantage. And while the stretch marks don't bug, my legs still do.

Time to kick it into high gear. Have a good one, y'all :)


Sarah said...

She paid you quite the compliment---and rightfully so! Rock on, girl!


Leigh C. said...

Ahhhhhh, the stretch marks. They don't bug me either...but the loose skin sure does:( Your body fat percentage is awesome. You are in the "fitness" category. I want to be you one day:)

Amanda said...

Thanks ladies :)

The cynical side of me says that of course she's going to say nice things because on some level the goal is to get me to sign up for more training sessions after the initial package is completed. Even so, it's a business, and folks need clients. Subtle sales techniques aren't out of line by any means.

And from what I've observed, trainers love finding clients they know will work their butts off -- at times literally -- especially because many times they get folks in there who've been nagged into it by a spouse, or who think it's just what they "should" do but they don't want to put the work in, etc. Finding someone who actively wants to work? Beyond awesome! So ultimately, even if the cynical side of me is right, it doesn't make this a bad thing.

Ms Snarky Pants said...

And here I was thinking how cute you were in that pic and how much I totally loved that bathing suit! hehehe

How totally awesome that you got the head of the trainers! :-D

Heidi said...

Glad to hear it and that you've found a gym and a trainer that you're so excited about.

Also, it's incredible how far you've come but I just want you to know: you look beautiful in your picture, even if it is a point you never want to go back to.

Amanda said...

Lesley, thanks! It was a cute suit, LOL. My issue was there was a) no real bra (horrorshow, believe me -- considering I breastfed two kids), and b) the skirt of course hit right on the widest part of my legs! Regardless of my weight, it was the wrong suit for my body type.

Heidi, thank you. I really appreciate it, especially since you've known me in RL at both ends of the spectrum :)