Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Coming Up for Air

My brain is now officially mush.  What with my birthday, Easter, work exploding all over me -- not that this is a bad thing, as actual productivity in the office rocks -- and the pending FCAT exams (Florida's wretched achievement tests that are directly correlated to scholastic advancement and graduation), I barely know what end is up. 

The Elder's middle school does all FCAT prep during school hours, which is fine by me.  The Gum Zombie's school, however, sends home packet after packet after bloody freaking packet of FCAT practice nightly leading up to the test (which, blessedly, is next week).  I'm absolutely in favor of my child doing well, I'm just exhausted and I'm sure everyone else, administrators, teachers, parents, and children, is likewise fatigued.  I also wonder how in the world parents who have children in various after school activities and what-not are managing to get this stuff done.  It's a squeeze for us, and the boys don't even have consistent extra-curricular obligations at this time.  Seriously, my kids' advancing ages really makes me think that parents who are doing their children's homework aren't necessarily doing it because they're trying to protect Widdle Pweshus from straining his ginormous-yet-oddly-feeble brain.  I'm starting to think maybe some are doing it because there just aren't enough hours in a day.

Ah well, it is what it is, and we'll do what we must.  But I draw the line at doing my kid's homework.  I'll sit there and suffer right along with him if need be, but he's going to have to be the one to strain his brain and develop writer's cramp.  I've done my time.


As for the rest of life that that isn't utterly, completely insane, all is well.  I survived both my birthday and Easter without any impact to the scale.  In fact, my stupid pants were loose when I put them on this morning; I nearly had to wear a belt.  So I'd have to count that as a win.  Exercise is hit-and-miss (see FCAT, and see earlier posts re: exhaustion), but I'm keeping moving and not rooting myself to the couch.  Next week matters should improve on that front -- the FCAT will be ongoing which will, in fact, make life easier since there will be no homework!


Anyway, my second belly dancing class is tonight.  I've been practicing here and there (you should see me hiding in the bathroom stall at the office to work on my hip thrust -- it's a sight), so we'll see how it goes.  I managed to do "snake arms" effectively at home, but I have a history of freezing while in large groups which makes me unsure I'll be able to reproduce the move in class.  Eh, it'll work out.  Eventually.

Hang in there and have a good one!


jen b said...

Here in VA, they call those test the 'SOL!' The hubs & I laughed hysterically when we heard that--the kids were befuddled at what was so funny!

Amanda said...

Jen, I'd just learned that this past weekend! In addition to the other insanity, my aunt and uncle are down from VA and while I was bemoaning the FCAT my aunt mentioned the SOLs that her grandkids are taking and I laughed myself silly. I love it!

Super Earthling said...

I was able to be a really great mom to one kid. If I'd had more...I'm not so sure it would have been that way. LOL

I think it's just fantastic that you're doing the belly dancing, Amanda. Anything to make exercising more interesting and less of a drudge is good in my book. :)

Amanda said...

Thanks, Susan! The belly dancing is part of a larger effort (going on for a year) to develop hobbies, interests, and leisure-time activities that actually involve movement beyond that required to flip a page, click the remote, or manipulate a mouse.

So far so good, considering my admitted inertia on these things ;)

Dr. Fat To Fit said...

Oh I know! All the homework and projects and fundraisers and such wear. me. out! I so look forward to summer. I have a second grader and she has about 45 min-1hour of homework a night! And of course most of it involves her reading to a parent (read that MOMMMY). My kindergartner has 15-20min of reading again to mommy. My 8th grader is more independent, but reminding him and checking him and all that is exhausting.

Enjoy the belly dancing. SOunds like too much fun! You crack me up with practicing in the BR stall.

tz said...

never do the kids' homework...AND my brain is always mush!

Amanda said...

Ann, don't you love how "a parent" tends to default to "mommy"? And it's not just how we interpret it at home. I have the impression that my younger son's teacher gets bent out of shape when my husband signs off on the homework, because after that occurs there's usually a rather assertive note about the boy which I and only I can address!

Yeesh. Oh well, I could be reading too much into it?

And TZ, you got it! I will never do those children's homework. As I said, I'll sit there, I'll assist appropriately, I'll google algebra information that my brain has long released into the wild, but I will not, by all I hold holy, do their homework! There are limits, LOL

Leigh C. said...

Good on you for belly dancing! As for the loose pants, I have the same malady and actually cursed the belt today, then had to catch myself. It's a good thing:)

WhisperingWriter said...

A belly dance class sounds like fun. I have no coordination so I don't think I'd be great at it.

Amanda said...

Leigh, yeah, there are worse things that I could be complaining about, LOL

And WW, I have zero (mark: ZERO) coordination, so it's been an interesting couple of weeks! But I'm practicing, and during a serious lull in the workday on Thursday I kind of ordered a couple of jingly hip scarves...