Monday, July 25, 2011

Music to My Ears

Bet no one's ever said that about their annual girlie exam before. Okay, now that I've already squicked out half my readership, TMI-fest incoming. If you'd like to avoid it and get to my findings on The Great Publix vs. WalMart Pricing Wars, scroll down below the ruled line.

We're all clear then?

Anyway, as you probably figured I had my annual girlie checkup today. I have a new GYN and she's awesome, I'm happy to report. As far as these appointments go in general, I'm good with the results. I had to go in anyway because The Yeast That Wouldn't Die is back, so I've got new medications incoming for that which should nuke it nicely. You'll all be so interested to know that I have a "classic" yeast infection. Thrilling stuff, eh?

The music to my ears part of this was when she looked over my anal-retentive records of two-years-plus of my cycles and said, "I don't like your periods." Yay! I don't like them either! So we're going to roll with the oh-so-fun pelvic ultrasound, followed by the endometrial biopsy, and then assuming everything comes back benign, Amanda finally gets her uterine ablation.

YES. I swear, I've never been so happy about a surgical-type procedure in my life.

On the downside, I'm also being scheduled for my First Annual Boob Squishing. I have really dense breast tissue, so this isn't going to be fun. But I've seen more than one woman with breast cancer who has my same family history of zero breast cancer prior to her own case, so better safe than sorry.

Still, not looking forward to it. Luckily, my GYN understands that I reserve the right to whine about any test she schedules... and that I'll go, regardless of how little I want to.


Now for the grand price war results! I set my alarm like a good little price checker, and once the boys and I staggered around for awhile, we got out the door and arrived at WalMart at 5:50 a.m. Holy Jesus God that is early. This better be good.

It was, from the financial perspective. I did my grocery shopping, the boys waxed rhapsodic over the toy department, and then later on that day after I'd gone for a walk with my local SparkPeople team, I finished up the shopping with my Publix run to pick up sale items that were actually cheaper at Publix than at WalMart, as well as to cross-check my prices.

Some items were cheaper at Publix when on sale: Diet Coke was cheaper (3 12-packs for $12.00) and eggs were cheaper (2 dozen of my preferred type for $4.00). Overall, though, WalMart came out the clear winner.

Prices will vary from week to week at both stores, of course, and I'm far from crossing Publix off my list of places I'll go for groceries. I prefer to shop there even with the higher prices, to be honest. I like how they treat their employees and I want to support that as much as I am able. But the $13.75 speaks for itself. Over a month's time that's near sixty dollars, and with my income that's nothing to sneeze at.

Money in the bank, folks. And that, too, is music to my ears.


Choreboy said...

"Classic" yeast infection... does that mean it's at least 20 years old, like it implies with cars? *laughing*

As for the savings? I'd rather spend an additional $14 per week at Publix than to even park at a Walmart. It's just a personal thing I suppose. You pay for the convenience and the noted lack of really strange people all around you.

Amanda said...


Re: prices, well, I know what you mean. You can keep Publix going, and I'll keep the bank account in the black.

I love you (you weirdo) :)

Dr. Fat To Fit said...

I had my first boob squish a few weeks ago. I too have dense breasts and it wasn't too bad. Don't fret.It also doesn't last long. So that was good. I hate Wal-Mart. Uggy. and we don't have Publix here.

Amanda said...

I'm going to try to not freak about the boob squishing. Glad to hear someone else with similar density survived without undue trauma. And yeah, I'm not thrilled with WalMart either, but price-wise I just can't beat it around here.


Angela Pea said...

Boob squishing...nothing to it.

Ablation? Yeah for you! I had one done last summer, and have been very pleased with the results. I'm not a 20 day dripping mess any longer and no more furniture has been ruined.

My only advice is to take all the pain meds your GYN tells you to, before and after. It was a little more uncomfortable that I expected, and I did not go back to work the next day as promised. I did, however, milk it for all it was worth at home, with Husband and Offspring bringing me ice water and breakfast/lunch/dinner in bed. I thoroughly enjoyed the two day Nap Fest.