Monday, February 08, 2010


First of all, thank you everyone for the well-wishes for my knees and whatever else ails me. It's frustrating, but this too shall pass in some form or fashion, even if it ends up just being me having to get used to a different way of living and developing a new definition of "active."

Secondly, Tycho? See subject line. Ahem.

But seriously, it seems like the whole "turning 40" thing has hit. I was fine a month ago. Just FINE. I could walk, run, move around, all with little to no incident. Okay, other than my amazing ability to trip over carpet lint it was "little to no incident". And the lack of depth perception, which has me walking into doorways I know darned good and well are there. Er... okay. Shutting up.

Ultimately though, I'm used to those things. This whole new weird thing with my knees is aggravating, and to top it all off they decided over the weekend to bring pain into the equation. I think maybe slogging through the Florida State Fair for a few hours on Saturday wasn't my best move.

On the plus side, without going to the fair I wouldn't have discovered there's such a thing as Harp Therapy. Yep, and for a mere $15 a CD, you too can get yourself some therapy. As played on a harp.

By a woman who apparently feels that wearing a white velour choir robe is a good marketing gimick.

I swear, you can't make this up.

So anyway, since I haven't heard about my rheumatologist's appointment yet (I don't expect to hear anything until Wednesday when I'm to call back if I haven't heard), I've been once again consulting Dr. Google.

You know, because the last time was so very successful.


Well, this time Dr. Google has very kindly suggested I might have Vitamin D deficiency! I came across this little gem while googling "swollen joints", because the other search terms ("edemic femur" and so forth) weren't garnering much in the way of hits. I'd do the happy dance that I'm a textbook case for this (little to no exposure to sunlight, lactose intolerant, perimenopausal) except that I was also textbook symptomatically for the ACL injury.

Humph. But I'm going to grab some Vitamin D and start taking it anyway. As Choreboy said, "It wouldn't hurt either of us to consider supplements at this stage of life." And he's probably right.

Except, just what stage is he talking about with this "us" anyway? He's 48. I'm .... *glancing at the sidebar* not. Not even the same decade, dude.

That said, I move like I'm eighty. So I guess it all comes out in the wash.


Jenn said...

Well, Vitamin D is good for you - you could find out if you actually have a deficiency - I think your doctor can take blood and test (just what you need, more doctors, right?).
I did a double take when you said you went to the Florida State Fair - especially since we're expecting a foot of snow here in NJ tomorrow!
Ah...I remember wearing shorts in the winter when I lived in FL was nice.

Choreboy said...

I'm talking about the stage where I have to take your walker in for lube and alignment more often than your car, dear.

Amanda said...

Jenn, yes there's a test I can take, and I'm going to mention it next time I either see her or perhaps to the rheumatologist. I'm just hesitant to mention it to the rheumatologist because not everyone is as understanding about "Dr. Google" as my GP is, LOL.

And honey? You are way, WAY older than I am. In fact, I'm surprised you can walk unaided...

Mauigirl said...

Finally catching up with blogs - sorry to read about your knee problems, hope the rheumatologist can get to the bottom of what's causing the problem.

40 - ah, a mere child. I'm only 4 years away from 60. Shudder!

Seriously, I hope you feel better soon and the knees get back to their old selves.