Friday, January 16, 2009

DJing Tonight - ACK!

In case anyone is interested in hearing my not-so-dulcet tones, I'll be DJing a Celtic-ish/ rock-ish in Second Life tonight at the Blarney Stone in Dublin. You can hear me out here in the real world by tuning your online media player thingies* to

If you hear the DJ refer to herself as Ajay, that'd be me. Ajay = A.J. = Amanda Justice... etc. They're all just me.

*Yes, I'm aware it's a miracle I can function with all the technological know-how I exhibit. It's a gift.


Tycho Beresford said...

I can't believe I missed it! Must have been too busy TGINFing. next time can we have a little more advanced warning please?

Heidi said...

I agree with Tycho. I wanna listen next time. I'm excited that those of us not on Second Life can participate by listening online. Let us know when you do the next one!!

Amanda said...

hehehe! Okay guys, I'll do my best to let y'all know ahead of time next time. But in my defense, I was desperately trying to find a substitute up until about 3:00 my time, when I threw in the towel and said "Fine! I'll do it!"

Such is the life of a Second Life DJ manager, LOL. It was fun though. Made me NUTS because stupid WinAmp crapped out on me a bit over halfway through the set (which had me SCRAMBLING, let me tell you!), but we all had fun with the lunacy :)

Anonymous said...

Hey i just saw your post in reply to mine about water on Spark :) I haven't been to SL in about six months but once in a while i'd go to BS :) Might just do that again