Monday, December 22, 2008

An Open Letter to My Co-Workers

I had to send out this e-mail a few minutes ago:


I’m now missing not only my blue pen but my red one as well.

Either my pens become ambulatory over the weekends and flee my desk, or someone is aiding and abetting them in their escape.

If you need a pen, go to the shelves where they are stored and fetch one. If you need directions, ask me. In fact, you can just follow me as I walk there because I will be doing that momentarily to replace the ones that were hijacked.

If it’s on my desk, leave it there.


Thing is, I know who works over the weekends most often. I even have a pretty good clue who's thieving my pens.

Inconveniently, he happens to be the company president.



Mark said...

Ok, how about a few booby trapped pens? Johnson Smith sells a "shocker" pen that when the person using it pushes on the button to put out the pen it shocks them. They "Might" start giving your desk a wide berth in the search for an easy ink score.. :o)

Mauigirl said...

I am eternally losing my pens. I don't know if people walk off with them or if I leave them in other people's offices. But I'm constantly having to get new ones from the supply cupboard!

Tycho Beresford said...

While you're up getting a pen, why don't you just take a box of them and place them on said company president's desk? That would save him the inconvenience of having to go to your desk every time he wants a pen.

Amanda said...

Mark, it's a thought on the boobytrapped pen, but remember... company president, i.e., the man who signs my paychecks. I think injuring him might be a bad thing... hehehe.

Maui, at home I know it's my kids who thieve them. At work I know who hijacks them. It's just a matter of catching them at it! But yes, like you I spend lots of time fetching new ones, LOL.

Tycho, well you see, I've tried that. And he doesn't like having that much stuff on his desk. Funny thing is, the supply area is much closer to his desk than my desk!