Sunday, December 28, 2008

More Pictorial Goodness

Here's a new one, taken of me getting ready for my sister's wedding:

I keep hoping they'll let me use it for my next drivers license photo.

In other news, heading out in a few minutes to the local reception for my sister and her husband. They got married up in NYC, and his family's in New York so many of them were able to make it, but with all our Florida friends and relatives my folks opted to also have a little shindig down here.

So my face is all spackled, my hair is done (and the humidity BETTER not be too bad... grrrr!!!), and in a bit here I'll be heading out the door.

My cold is much better and the fever is gone. I'm still coughing, and it's worse at night, but I think I'll make it through the evening without scaring anyone that I'm passing around some plague.

Small victories are good.

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