Sunday, August 17, 2008

Rezz Day

My two-year blogoversary was July 18th, and today is my first "Rezz Day" for Second Life. It's been a heckuva year.

I don't like looking at my posting for the past year and seeing how small the number is when compared to the previous year, but all things considered I'm still here. And I'm finally finding things to write about again.

I needed the break, to be honest.

I could have written more, I suppose, but the fact of the matter is that much of the past year was spent dealing with my divorce and its aftermath. This blog's primary purpose is for amusement, with some serious and/ or ranty junk thrown in here and there for good measure. Most of anything I wanted to write about was extremely ranty, and not very flattering toward my ex (well, duh... reminds me of my therapist saying I seemed very angry with my ex... for this I pay her $125/hour?). It was fairly all-consuming, and drained much of the creativity out of me for some months.

I have blog entries up at my other blog covering what I was dealing with during that time period. I've toyed with making it open access as most of the matters have been resolved more or less. But on the other hand, it hardly reflects well on my sons' father and is also admittedly rather one-sided in its perspective, so I've left it on "invitation only" status. Anyone is welcome to request an invitation, though. Just e-mail me at the g-mail address on my sidebar and I'll zap one off to you.

I've been lurking, albeit sporadically. This year brought a loss to the blogging community as Babs opted to close up shop. MonkeyGirl took a break (but is BACK!), AD's muse took a vacation but at least was hitchhiking on a back road and got picked up again. Medblog Addict is still as addicted as ever, and I'm awaiting the next doctor of the month (I think we're still at June?) with eager anticipation.

Some docs have entered the podcasting world, such as Dr. Anonymous. The llama-loving Dr. Rob is distractible as ever, much to my reading eyes' delight.

It's good to be back.


As for my first year in Second Life, well, it's been illuminating. I logged in to the grid like anyone else, and unlike many, I stayed. I'm still there, for that matter... I've just found more of a balance between Second Life and the rest of my interests. I'm now the assistant operations manager for Dublin in SL, which basically boils down to me herding DJs and handling occasional crises of smaller and larger proportions. The staff in Dublin is awesome, both hosts and DJs, and overall we have a great time. To anyone considering entering Second Life, I'd suggest going through the Dublin in SL portal. The natives are friendly (for the most part, unless you catch me before my coffee) and the virtual landscape in the three-sim area is amazing. Okay, I might be biased, but still...

Additionally, I'm an officer for Friendly Fire's group, and was able to meet Mack and Case earlier this year when they did a very rare non-virtual performance about 90 minutes from where I live. Anyone who's seen them play inworld knows the energy is amazing, but to see them performing in person is a mindblower. They love what they do and it truly shows. The adrenaline was pouring off the stage in waves, and I loved basking in the washover.

Problem was, I wasn't quite sure how to cheer without the sound effects I use in Second Life, so I had to settle for chair dancing and clapping like a maniac. "Yeehaw" might have crossed my lips a time or too, as might a "hoo" kind of noise.

And a bunch of the lunatics from both Dublin and the Friendly Fire set just threw me a "Rezz Day" party... bless their insane hearts :) I would have had this posted about 2 PM ET, but I've been being silly since then. And it was delightful. All of you (and you know who you are) ROCK!!!

I'm not going to complain. The blogoverse rocks and SL rocks. I'm so glad I've had the opportunity to meet all of you, in whatever format it's taken *hugs*

Yes, I'm occasionally a bit silly. But it was a great evening.


Kezzy Forwzy said...

Happy RezzDay Hun!

Silly is the bestest thing to do

The Fantablous Isobela Capalini said...

AND where are the pictures? Happy Rezz Day!!
You like many of us, went to check it out, and were curious, but stayed to make life long friends/friendships.
To that I toast you and Second Life!
ON top of also we have "I Love That Song".. Hugs Iso

Tycho Beresford said...

Happy Rez Day Ajay! I'm surprised that you didn't list your accomplishments as a phenomenal DJ and your parentage of the Death Chim! It has been a wild ride, a year in the Metaverse is like seven in the old country. Here's hoping you see many, many more!

Mauigirl said...

I've never been on Second Life, am afraid of addiction! But Happy Rezz Day to you! And happy belated blogoversary!

I know what you mean - I haven't been writing as much this year as last year myself due to family issues taking up more time. I'm really glad you're back and writing again!

Amanda said...

Thanks Kezzy, Iso, Tycho, and Maui!!

And yeah, I think it's safe to say I'm back-ish. I've done the "I'm back!" thing before only to crap out again on it... but I need to keep writing, especially since I've seen how badly my writing has deteriorated of late. ACK!!

Medblog Addict said...

I was going to bitch at you for not being around very much lately, but I haven’t been a model blogger either lately. Glad to see you are back-ish.

azureavian said...

found you by searching for "happy rezz day". found you!! hihi!

happy happy a little late =)