Sunday, June 09, 2013

Purple Rai... erm, Hair?

Well, would you look at that! Blogger once again is permitting me to upload pictures:

Not my favorite pic, but it'll do.  I got my roots done yesterday and this is the first time I've actually had my hair blown out straight since January.  It's getting long on me!  And yes, if you think you see a little bit of purple at the very bottom of the right-hand side of the picture, your eyes are working just fine.  I'd planned on more of an orchid streak, but lightening my hair with this purple streak (it's a nifty dual-process product) is the first step.  In six weeks when I get my roots touched up, I'll get it done with a bit more intensity.

It's slightly subversive in my oh-so-white-bread world, and I can pincurl it up when I'm at work if it's an issue so no one there has to know.  I like :)


Whole30 continues to truck along.  I'm at Day 19 (take 2) and still in 100% compliance.  I signed on for it, so what the heck, you know?  Might as well go all in.

Some of the rules are completely arbitrary, though.  I think the one that irks me most is the fact that the "no alcohol" rule extends to vanilla extract.  I understand alcohol-as-beverage being on the list, and I can at least go along with the no alcohol for cooking because it's only one month.  But the vanilla extract ban just seems silly and nit-picky to me.  I honestly don't think it would bother me as much if I hadn't read this:  The Whole9 Great Cocoa Debate.  Now the upshot of the debate gives unsweetened cocoa powder a thumbs up for Whole30 compliance, but the arguments against its inclusion smacked a bit too much of "Because some folks might use it as a chocolate substitute, NONE OF YOU CAN USE IT, no, not even in a savory application.  Bad Whole30ers... BAD!!!"

And that tone I perceived carries over into my feelings regarding the disallowing of vanilla extract.  I know there are alcohol-free variants out there, and personally I have my own stash of vanilla beans too so it's not as if I'm hurting for the pod or anything.  But... vanilla extract?  Banned due to the alcohol?  Seriously?

I don't know, it may be just me, but it bugs.  I haven't used it because I've decided to take this all the way to the finish line without any tweaking for personal caveats, but that's something that will definitely come back afterward.  Good grief.


Parkour is going well for the Gum Zombie.  It seems joining the group has focused his energies and he's no longer attempting to scale the outside of my house.  The instructors have been on Choreboy and me to "play" and next week, providing they're able to help us see how to scale the activities for our aging bodies (especially mine :P ) we're in.

The big reason for "we" is it's more fun with at least one peer to hang with, and believe me when I say not one person out on the floor is over 30, much less over 40 or 50.  You've got the little guys hanging together, the teenagers are in a giant clump, and the twenty-somethings are also in an ever-evolving herd.  I just need one compatriot who can hang at my level, but with the exception of a couple of the guys on Team Zoic (the pros) who have young sons, all the parents have without exception piled into the Old Fogies' Corral.

 So Choreboy and I are breaking out.  I'm blaming the purple hair.


We're heading to Repticon today, and this time I'm dragging Choreboy with us.  Hooray!  Darned good thing too, since having him there should keep me from rationalizing that we really do need one more snake... which we don't.  We really don't.

[But I want!!!]

Anyway, I'm out.  Have a good one, y'all!

Edited to add:  TOTAL fail on the "let's not bring another snake home" front.  Those not squeamish can click here to see his picture.  Do note that he's a very tiny baby at the moment :)


Norma said...

Josh keeps wanting me to put a purple streak in my bangs...

The vanilla extract thing is kind of silly. It's not like anyone is downing a bottle of it...the alcohol content is's not going to trigger your body to start drinking rum and cokes...

I chewed my usual sugar-free gum and had my usual sugar-free breath mints during all my Whole 30s...I've seen people debate about TOOTHPASTE hell with that; fresh breath is a priority in my life and the point of Whole 30 is not to drive you crazy but to identify substances that cause unwanted reactions in your body (inflammation, wheat rash, digestive problems). Not to make you walk around with filthy teeth for a month -- is mint-flavored floss acceptable? Because steak always gets stuck in my teeth... ;)

As with everything in life, it's common sense.

Amanda said...

I'm rather enjoying my purple :) Of course, my mother hasn't seen it yet.

And yeah, the vanilla extract thing is silly I'll agree 100%. But oh well, I'll deal. People are freaking about toothpaste??? Holy cow. That's just... beyond.

Yep, common sense.

Leigh Costa said...

Look at you all gorgeous with your purple hair! Love it! And you must know that purple is my favorite color!!!!!

The Ninja said...

also, you have to HARD-CORE to drink vanilla extract for the alcohal content cause without sugar that shit is like drain cleaner.

I also dig the purple and want to do something similar in red, or green.

Amanda said...

Thanks Leigh! And yes, I should have known it's your favorite judging from your wardrobe :D

Nell, uh-huh! No way I'd ever drink it. I get that the line has to be drawn somewhere and to be consistent they're continuing with the vanilla extract, but consistency for the sake of itself smacks of dogma, which admittedly has a tendency to rub me the wrong way.

Re: your own hair, do it! It's fun :)