Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Easter

Update:  Holy cow, this sounds depressed.  I swear I'm not!  Just sort of laughing at the insanity... good grief, what a weekend.  Oh well, so it goes.  Sheesh :)

AND the Gum Zombie's down for the count with the flu.  Rumor has it he'll survive, and I'm off in a flash to pick up his Tamiflu and also my steroid eye drops that are likely going to make me blind.

Not that they're doing much good at this point.  Once again, I'm near scratching my eyes out.  Adding insult to injury, my male snakes are giving me fits, but you can see my other blog for the details on that -- I'll spare you here.  You can thank me in the comments :D

Until I can breathe again, here's a lovely pork roast I've got in the oven for dinner.  The colored carrots just tickled me, so I tossed them in on top of the regular ones.  I also picked up the multi-colored baby potatoes because... well, purple root vegetables are cool.

Asparagus will round it out, but I'm cooking that later.  This is in low-and-slow at 225 (after its blast at 450) for another 6.5 hours at least.  Happy almost-Easter, folks!


Norma said...

Happy Easter to you & yours, Amanda. Hope the kiddo is on the mend, your eyesight is spared, your snakes chill the F out, and your dinner is delicious. It looks beautiful! :)

Leigh Costa said...

That dinner is making my mouth water! Have a great Easter!

Laura Turner said...

Your posts have cracked me up. My holidays are always a mess like this--except for the food. Son's down with horrific allergies, hubby has shingles, and I'm just tired! Life, huh?

Happy Easter! (a new follower)

Laura from

Amanda said...

Thanks Norma! Here's hoping on all that, LOL

Thank you Leigh! It was pretty danged awesome, and now Choreboy has leftovers for the rest of the week and I can get back to my turkey burgers or fish, depending on what my whim is for the day.

LOL -- thank you Laura, nice to meet you! Yeah, it's just life, and you've got to laugh :D Happy Easter to you as well!

Brent said...

I didn't get any asparagus. Oh! The misery of it all!

Other than having to eat the roast with a spoon (it falls apart if you try to use a fork) it was a wonderful meal. You're awesome dear :)

Jennifer Colgan said...

Holy crap you have snakes??!! Why didn't I already know this??
That's cool, in a "I really don't like snakes so I'm sort of creeped out" kind of way. :)

Hope the allergy thing gets under control for you very soon.

Amanda said...

Heh heh heh... Jenn, you've missed a bit :) The snakes are a relatively recent acquisition, as in we got our first two last October. All four are babies, and they're pretty much here at the impetus of my younger son.

Details abound on the linked "other" blog -- there's even a "Why Amanda? For the Love of God, Why Snakes?" entry, LOL That might explain it a bit better.

And long story short, they eat frozen food which means I can live with it.