Thursday, June 23, 2011

WW Weigh-In, Week 16


Start: 150
Week 1: 147.25
Week 2: 150.25
Week 3: 148.12
Week 4: 145.25
Week 5: 146.5
Week 6: 144.25
Week 7: 143.25
Week 8: 143.99
Week 9: 142.66
Week 10: 142.33
Week 11: 141.125
Week 12: 140.7
Week 13: 140.25
Week 14: 140.9
Week 15: 139.25
Week 16: 139.25. Yes, again.

Actually, maintaining this week isn't a bad thing. Father's Day was Sunday and we went to a massive brunch buffet late that morning. I still ended up the week with a positive activity Points+ allowance, but it was a close thing. It does give me some concern about when I'm actually on maintenance, though, since my metabolism appears to be on the slower end of average.


On the end of speeding up the metabolism, though, I've been working on running more again, both with Tabata sprints (two sets of those in one evening had me this close to puking) and with some longer but less "balls to the wall" running intervals. Tonight I managed to run 10 minutes, divided into 2 minute bursts. And so far my right knee, which is usually the one that gives me fits, isn't objecting. Well, it's not objecting any more than it was before my workout, which is saying something.

Okay y'all, I'm going to cut this week's entry a bit short. It seems it's a bit difficult to compose a blog entry when one's spouse is giggling like a maniac watching Wipeout in the same room. Oh well, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em... hee!


Diane Fit to the Finish said...

Not a thing wrong with maintaining - you will likely lose this week! Hope your week is going well.

Choreboy said...

You are doing a wonderful job dear, just decide how you intend to maintain before you get to that point. I don't know if I would survive if your weight was acting like a yo-yo ;)

Daisy Dexter Dobbs said...

I think you're doing just phenomenal, Amanda! Just look at that number--under 140! :D

And throwing a brunch buffet into the mix without having a big old gain makes you a superstar in my book!

BTW--thanks so much for your comment on my blog's FAQ. Much appreciated. :)

Cheeseboy said...

I need to switch up my routine a bit. I think I might try these Tabata sprints.