Saturday, November 28, 2009


The Gum Zombie is a creative child.

He and his Elder brother managed to get the football stuck on a flat portion of our roof and had gone through all possible removal methods short of, say, asking the resident grown-up, aka their mother, for help.

The Elder threw his hands up in the air and resigned himself to waiting until Choreboy came home without a word to me. But did the Gum Zombie do that, or in the alternative, decide to mention to his mother that maybe, perhaps, her assistance might be required?


He instead formed a lockpick out of a twig and was trying to unlock the shed to retrieve a ladder.

Twigs aren't very effective as lockpicks.

They also tend to break off in the lock.

Just sayin'.

So now I have Our Future Burglar in his room until I start breathing normally again (because hello, ladder???); I also have a completely jammed shed door.

Days like this remind me of just when my hair started its rapid descent into "obviously grey"... a time which perfectly aligns with the Gum Zombie's birth.

Go figure.


Choreboy said...

I'd be happy to allow him to practice lock picking with twigs on a set of handcuffs between his wrist and the bedpost.

Just saying...

Suzanne Chappell said...

I'm still laughing out loud! This sounds so much like something that would happen at my house!

Angel said...

Oh I so understand!!! my hair was going grey with the first one--the second, it was all over.

My most heart-wrenching moment was when he was trying to get something from the top of his dresser--which is tall, heavy and NOT STRAPPED TO WALL LIKE A CERTAIN MALE PERSON WAS SUPPOSED TO. Ahem.

So he stood on the bottom drawer--opened--and his weight tipped the damn thing over--a boombox came flying off, somehow missed his head. The only reason the dresser didn't crush him was it hit an adjacent bookshelf THANK GOD.

Yeah, I lost it, big time.

And did I mention that this was the same day a parent gave him a cookie that contained eggs at a school party?

Oh yeah. This is why I will be on anti-anxieties for *life*.

(((((Hugs)))))) Somehow they survive. And we are just grateful that the hair color industry hasn't crashed.