Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday, Monday

Made some steel cut oats this morning. Good stuff. The Elder Offspring (home sick, which would explain my extra time this morning) thinks they're gross. Heh.

We have to get the garden in this next weekend. I'm feeling too cheap to keep buying fresh at the store when I can grow them and just run out back and grab some green beans. Plus I suspect I'll waste less that way since if I let things go too long on the plant, at least they can go to seed rather than rotting in my fridge as some of my produce purchases tend to.

I've knitted two dishcloths, and would have finished the third except I decided to go all fancy-schmancy with it and use the seed stitch rather than the garter stitch, so I'm actually having to remember if I knitted or purled last.

[Note: Yes, I realize this further cements my descent into middle age, and yeah Tycho, I know I should be saving for the Old Folks' Home... but a girl, even an aging one, needs to have her little amusements :P]

The boys are asking when I'll be done, because they think I should be making them new blankets for their beds. Knitted, of course.

I have a feeling this dishcloth could take a painfully long time.


Tycho Beresford said...

/me taps his foot, still waiting for his Alpaca sweater.

azureavian said...

Love me some steel cut oats.

Also, I don't wear sweaters in RL, but I have some lovely ones in-world. Sometimes I wish I had the patience for knitting, but I still have crochet projects I've been working on for the past :cough7cough: years.

Anonymous said...

Re: Steel Cut Oats
It has been noted that Steel Cut Oats are often used by the navy to fill torpedoe holes in battleships, and the patch is usually stronger than the original steel. Some things just shouldn't be considered "food".

Amanda said...

First of all, Choreboy (that would be "Anonymous"), it's "torpedo". Secondly, they're closer to food than Spam.


Mouthy Housewife said...

thanks for stopping by the mouthyhousewives. if you're knitting a dishcloth, I think we have our next problem....we'll get back to you when we can