Thursday, March 27, 2008

Just Keep Moving...

Whew. It's been an exhausting month. Thank you everyone for your sympathies on my grandmother's passing. It's not as if it was unexpected, but even when these things are in the works there's still a shock to the system when it finally happens.

In other news, those of you who know of Angel's and my RL friendship, her mother-in-law passed away a bit over a week after my grandmother died. I attended the funeral this past Tuesday. I'd known Angel's mother-in-law since my junior high days, as she and my mother both chaperoned nearly Every. Orchestra. Trip. Ever. Angel's husband and I were among those lucky kids who never ever got away with anything, because our mothers were always there -- and even if they weren't personally present, the Mothers' Mafia was out in full force ready to hand a full report in triplicate over to our parents if we so much stepped one toe out of line.

Looking back? GREAT job, Moms.

Grandma's funeral is this weekend. It's been a long time in coming due to the world travels of her sons and the lunacy of Easter weekend and everything, but many people loved her and wanted to be here to honor her. Funerals are for the living, after all... so we've waited. Now all the relative insanity is descending upon us, and I still have a freaking speech to write before the service starts at 11:00 Saturday morning.

Not enough caffeine in Colombia. Just saying.

For those of you who use this blog as a means of Stalking Ajay, my SL persona, my work schedule is as follows:

All times below SLT (that's Second Life Time or California time, for you non-SLers out there)

Monday, 4-6 SLT, Case's Rock & Roll Listening Party, The Glamshack, Joiner
Wednesday, 7-9 SLT, Carraig with DJ Gwen Carillon, Fibber Magees, Dublin 3
Thursday, 4-6 SLT, DJ Bill Mondegreen, The Glamshack, Joiner

Note: This week I'm off, due to Grandma's funeral and the afore-mentioned familial descent upon my hometown.

I also have shifts that I work in and around those as the need arises for both Friendly Fire and the Dublin crew. Additionally, I'm now the DJ Manager for Dublin Services, which means... well, I don't really get a raise, I just get more work. But I really enjoy working with the DJs (I'm a bit of a music freak, in case this has escaped anyone's attention), so it all pans out.

Oh, and everyone please wave hi to Jenda, another SL friend of mine :) She also hosts at the Glamshack, and occasionally we can be found inworld at ridiculous hours of the night tormenting the DJs... heh.


Anonymous said...

We've missed ya Apple Jack :) Rosi is getting very rambunctious, Jocelyn's swearing, the whole joint is out of control! WE NEED YOUR CHIM for goshsakes!

Tycho Beresford said...

We do miss you terribly Ajay, and your Chim needs your guiding hand. Somehow it has achieved "Paymment Info On File" status and has been hanging out in some rather seedy sims. Or at least that's what I have been told.

Amanda said...


Oh guys, thanks! I so needed that after today, LMAO!!!

I'll try to keep the chim in line, difficult though that may prove to be ;)

Jenda Starbrook said...

*big Glamtastic huggles*

Mauigirl said...

Hi Amanda, catching up with what's happening sorry to hear about your grandmother. I'm thinking of you and your family.

We've been busy too, as my mother-in-law, with the Alzheimer's, has to stay in the nursing home and we are busy meeting with an eldercare attorney to figure out the whole Medicaid pay-down thing, etc. Fun times...

Best wishes, hope things improve soon out your way...

Kimala said...

Hi Ajay - I stumbled across your blog through Jendalicious - and I'm so glad I did. It is nice to learn more about the woman behind the avitar. Hang in there with everything going on in your life. See you in SL. :)