Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Welcome to Florida!

My younger son has been learning about world geography in daycare, and today he brought home a small globe. On the drive home he was calling out the names of all the continents he recognized.

Then he moved on to the states.

"Mommy, I'm twying to find Texas, but I can't find it!"

He didn't let that little roadblock deter him from finding other states, though. He continued until...

"Oh wait, hewe's the penis! That's Florida, Mommy!!!"

Yes, ladies and gentlemen:

Welcome to Florida, aka The Dangly Bits of the Nation.

It's a wonder I made it home alive. Do you know how hard it is to drive while desperately trying to choke back gales of laughter?



Mauigirl said...

ROFLMAO! Come to think of it, it DOES like like, um, what he said.

Awesome Mom said...


Anonymous said...

I can't argue with the kid. Just call me 'Hanging' Chad.

Tycho Beresford said...

ROFL! So if Florida is the Dangly Bits, what does that make California?

Rural Felicity said...

That is waaaaay TOO funny! :)

Amanda said...

hehehe... yeah. The kid's got a way with words, gotta give him credit ;)

tz said...

that was spit my coffee on the keyboard funny!

Amanda said...

TZ, I swear I nearly had a wreck when he said that, LOL!

And yeah, Maui... uhm, it does ;)

Case, I'll remember to refer to you as "Hanging" Chad at the next concert, dude. Hee.

Tycho, I have no idea what that makes California. I've tried to come up with something, but the brain fails :)

And Awesome Mom and Rural Felicity... they keep you in stitches, don't they? LMAO

Scott said...

That is hilarious! I wonder who told him that it looked like that. Conan O'Brien showed Florid's "state quarter" and it said something like "Florida: America's flaccid penis."

Ha. Now I am trying to imagine the plate shifting that would have to occur to give Florida an "errection". That would be funny looking from space, but would be very destructive.

I am so glad you are posting again, Amanda. I, however, am stumped as to what to write.

Angel said...

BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Yeah, btdt when pregnant with #2. After going to a prenatal checkup at the midwive, DD pipes up from the back seat "Mommy, is the baby in your uterus?"

::::::Spew::::::::: Yeah it's hard to stay on the road when they come up with things like that!