Friday, November 09, 2007

Is Today Monday?

Because I swear it's acting like one.

I do not leave my house without makeup. For me to even go in public without makeup takes an event so mind-bendingly earth-shattering that it would have to rival the '89 San Francisco earthquake in intensity and scope of impact.

THAT is how serious I am about my "spackle."


I've previously confessed that I'm one of those women you'll see at the traffic lights desperately applying her makeup while the light is red. Well, you see, in order for me to accomplish this there has to be one vital component in play.

I have to remember the freaking makeup bag.

Which I somehow didn't manage to do this morning.

Fortunately I did the base/powder/lipstick thing before I left the house this morning (you can hide a multitude of sins with a pair of sunglasses), but I had NO eyeshadow, NO eyeliner, NO mascara, NO blush...


I looked half dead.

Fortunately, I had my emergency backup mascara in my desk.

I still look half dead, but at least I have eyes.


Happy Friday, folks!

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Mauigirl said...

I have been known to go to work without foundation. I confess it here and now. But I never go without the eyebrow pencil (which I need in order to have any eyebrows now that I've hit middle age), and the lipstick. Without which I look dead completely.

I gave up on the eye makeup when I started wearing my glasses every day instead of contacts. I tell myself nobody can see my eyes anyway!