Saturday, January 27, 2007


Wow, October was the last time I updated this, eh?

A few things have happened since then. No, I haven't moved to Mars or anything like that. I've just been dealing with Thanksgiving, The Thanksgiving Cruise (thanks, Mom and Dad!), the Christmas Buildup, Christmas, three gatherings with the folks on my local newspaper's forum (hey, y'all!) etc.

Since January is about over, well, things have settled down. My brother and his wife produced their first son and my first nephew, finally making me an AUNT! And the child is beyond lovely, outside of the fact that I can cuddle him and not worry about him waking me up at night. Workwise, I'm attempting to activate a new timekeeping/ billing system. Problem being, the program sucks. What sucks more is that the folks who sold it to us also are the original programmers, so any criticism leveled by my office is received about as well as a negative comment about a long-awaited baby would be.

I hate the program. I think I already mentioned that.

Hmmm in other news? I got nothing. No commentary. I still can't stand Bush, I'm still a breastfeeding advocate, the traffic here is still abominable, etc.

Should something grab me, I'll put up an entry.


Heidi said...

Glad you started updating again, I had wondered what had happened.

Amanda said...

I'm still here :) I just need to get really annoyed at something to have a good rant. Given enough time, I'm sure the new timekeeping/ billing program at work will prove to be the topic of a particularly venomous spew.