Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Eight (More) Things About Me

I'll be answering ATM's meme when I get a few minutes. Check back!

Okay, here I am. I got most of the bills ready for The Great Bill Paying Frenzy at the end of the month, so I'm available to meme.

If anyone here doesn't read Addicted to Medblogs, first of all, you were waiting for what, like an engraved invitation? Go, go ahead, get yourself over there and read her stuff!

That said, this is the first in ATM's series of posts entitled "Amanda Gets Meme'd", due to the fact that I simply couldn't remember (for the tiniest period of time) whether ATM had outwardly identified herself as female or not.

Of course, this memory lapse occurred while I was posting.

And I mentioned it.


SOooooooo.... every Monday or Tuesday, ATM is going to "meme" me. And I shall, of course, respond.

First up, as noted by the new-and-improved post title, is the infamous "Eight Things About Me" meme. However, this is with a twist: I will list eight things about myself, but one of them will be false. Have fun guessing which one! :)

1. Back when I was a teenager and we went up into Canada on vacation, my little sister refused to eat at McDonald's because it was "foreign food."

Okay, that one's not so much about me, but it really cracks me up.

2. At a mere 5'-7" in height, I'm the shortest person in my office.

3. My bosses have decorated my desk with one tiny dried frog corpse and one tiny not-quite-mummified lizard corpse.

4. I have finally reached my pre-pregnancy weight!

So it's four/five years later... so what? Only six more to go until 150, baby. WooHOO!

5. I stutter. Not always, but enough so that it's obnoxious (say, when I'm on the intercom in the office, or using "all-call", worse yet).

6. The storage room here at the office has stored in it, among other things, a replica of a human skeleton.

7. There is one "mint tingle" condom left at our house.

And it better get used soon...

Finally, last but not least:

8. My avatar has purchased a house and land in Second Life. Yes, I am that huge a dork.


Amanda said...

Hehehe... I'll put the answer up tomorrow afternoon.

But I'll fire you an e-mail to let you know whether you were wrong or right :)

tz said...

OK, I just got this meme from someone else and went to tag you only to find out you're doing it too!

yet another coincidence?

oh, I guess 7

Doc's Girl said...

hehe... We should make a t-shirt that says "Real Bloggers Do It At Work." :-P :-P

I'm guilty of the stuttering--I was a unit secretary in a hospital and I once announced that "Dr. S-s-s-omething had a phone call." Months later, I still couldn't live that one down.

Congrats on the weight loss!! I'm eating healthy, as well...and it's nice to see the number on the scale decreasing. It's a great feeling. :)

Awesome Mom said...

I don't believe #4 after all you are quitting smoking.

Medblog Addict said...

Great start! We'll just see how long you can keep this up. I so want to make a comment about the condom, but I promised myself that I would behave in other people's comment sections.

SeaSpray said...

Mint Tingle Condom? I love mint!!! I even put mint leaves in my water. You got me thinking! ;) And mint does tingle. :)

Mauigirl said...

I'm thinking it's #6, about the skeleton?

Amanda said...

ROFL! Oh I love you guys. You've got me literally laughing out loud in the middle of a freaking migraine.

TZ, those coincidences keep following us around, I swear. It's the funniest thing :)

Doc's Girl... hehehe, I love it! Damn, someone should design one at Cafe Press or something.

Awesome Mom, actually, #7 is true *grin*

And ATM, uhm.... like people behave in your comments? Like I behave at ALL in my blog? Heh. If I mention condoms, they're fair game for commenting :)

SeaSpray *giggle*.... indeed!

And Maui, well, you're going to have to wait until this afternoon :)

Fraochán said...
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tz said...

see i figured 7 would be untrue because I too occasionaly stutter...especially w/ st words (which by the way is just mean to have a stutterer say stutter) and when i'm really tired and/or drunk....and if you stuttered too...there would just be way too many coincidences....

SeaSpray said...

Ya made me smile with your giggle and now my curiosity is heightened! ;)

Amanda said...

Uhm, TZ? I stutter, LOL.

And Seaspray, let's just say the name is an accurate indicator of what the condoms cause *grin*