Friday, April 01, 2011

WW Weigh-in, Week 4

a.k.a. After the Deluge

Start: 150
Week 1: 147.25
Week 2: 150.25
Week 3: 148.12
Week 4: 145.25

That air raid siren-like sound you hear in the background? Is my Weight Watchers e-tools shrieking "Too fast! Too fast! Slow down IMMEDIATELY!!!!"


In actuality, 4.75 pounds lost over 4 weeks time = 1.1875 pounds lost per week. Nothing to sneeze at, but nothing to freak out over either. My eating was in line with the past weeks I've posted, wherein I've both gained and lost weight. I know for a fact that I'm retaining way less fluid than I was in Week 3; ergo, I just can't bring myself to stress over the big drop this week.

In more "weird stuff WW e-tools do" news, Weight Watchers is calculating me at an average of only .9 pounds per week lost because they're counting my starting weight as one full week, when in actuality I joined WW on a Wednesday and picked Thursday for my weigh-in day, not realizing that the e-tools would count that whopping ONE DAY as a whole week.

Fortunately I can do math so it's no big deal; also, as time passes that start week will matter less and less as far as all the statistics are concerned. But you'd think that since the e-tools calculate how much average weight is lost, that the programming could take that into account before the "Please slow down!!" freakout.

Ah well. It's all good. And outside of that I'm really pleased with the program. I'm not even displeased with the weirdness with the e-tools; I'm more slightly bemused/ amused. This is the best loss over time I've had in months, and the quality of my food intake is much better than it has been prior.

You just can't argue with success, yanno?

So of course, being me I'm going to throw a wrench into it. Now I could say it's because I want to test the PointsPlus program and see how well I do in a week where I consume not only all my activity points, but also my entire weekly points allowance as well. And yeah, I'm curious, but to be honest...

... Saturday's my 41st birthday, and I am having cake. Lots and lots of cake. With strawberry filling and custard filling on alternating layers. And we're going to Olive Garden for dinner.

And did I mention the cake? This is a repeat of Choreboy's and my wedding cake. It's even from the same vendor, but it's a quarter the price because it's smaller (by only a third) and not for a wedding.


That said, I'm also preparing for the Olive Garden excursion by checking out the PointsPlus values for the food. I'm setting my mind to look our soon-to-be-well-tipped server right in her beady little pasta-pushing eyes and ask her very nicely to please bring half my meal in a to-go box. Because although I fully intend to burn through every last weekly allowance point, I'm not going over.

Which would also be why the leftover cake is already slated to head to the office next Monday. I can only handle so much temptation.

I'll be interested to see what the April 7th weigh-in brings. I may be on the upswing with the water retention, or I may not. So at this point we're looking at the potential for anything from a modest loss up to a ridiculous spike. If nothing else, it should be entertaining.


Choreboy said...

I really hope you have the ability to actually donate any remaining cake to the office, seeing how much you like that particular cake:) I hope there is some left to donate, for that matter!

Sarah Kopf said...

Calories don't count on your birthday, silly! And neither do points! ;)


Amanda said...

Sweetheart, thbbbtttt!!! It'll serve you right if I eat *all* the cake :P

And Sarah, LOL! Don't I wish :) Seriously, usually I just throw caution to the winds but this year I'm trying a different angle. I lose nothing because if I want to go over I always can :)