Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Fourteen to Go

I'd determined back in December that I wouldn't do a full, official weigh-in until February 1st. Leading up to the holidays I saw over and over throughout blogland that we needed to decide if we were going to lose weight through the holidays, or if we were "just" going to try to maintain. Quite frankly, the phrasing bugged. Maintaining weight over the holidays can be a huge struggle. There is no "just" about maintaining over the Thanksgiving-Christmas-New-Year's season. Maintaining is awesome!

It's also what I chose, and what I did*. Which, with all due self-awareness, might have a tad bit to do with my defensiveness regarding the usage of "just".

On November 18th, I weighed 144.5 pounds. Today, I weighed in at 144 pounds. And if I want to stretch it -- okay, I totally want to stretch it -- it was more like 143.9. Take THAT, holiday food fest!! 144 is an all-time low from back in 2006 when I weighed 200 pounds.

56 down, 14 to go.

Goal date: December 31, 2011. And geez, that seems a bunch closer than it did back in November!


In other news, I'd rate my back at 90-95% of normal, and feeling 100 times better than it did a couple of months ago when I first managed to mess it up. Hooray!! The only thing truly bothering me now is trying to determine just how I managed to hurt myself. Was it scrubbing the bathroom floor at work? Carrying the Gum Zombie-who-really-weighs-too-much-for-me-to-pick-up to bed? Dancing around like an idiot to Pink's "Raise Your Glass"? Four times? In a row?

All of the above?

I wish I knew, because I'd really prefer not to torture myself. Also, I want to exercise but there's a serious fear component involved at the moment. So... I'm trying to look at this realistically. In all likelihood I didn't hurt myself exercising. It was probably one of the things I listed above (darn you, Pink!). I know I can walk on my treadmill. I can probably even do the evil-that-is Tabata sprints.

There go those excuses. Looks like my treadmill and I have a date for tomorrow.

*Yes, I did report a post-holiday weight of 146 or thereabouts, but it wasn't from the real weigh in scale; ergo, it was not an official weight. So there. That's my story and I'm sticking to it :P (Okay, plus a couple of pounds fluctuation is maintaining in the real world.)


The Ninja said...

Ha! I hurt myself in unknown ways all the time, it's sort of amazing really. I am constantly thinking back to figure out were the new bruise came from and why my neck hurts when I turn my head to the right.

Good for you kicking holiday food ass. I need to kick myself in the ass, I have 22 pounds left to lose and want so badly to do it before May, We'll see.

Amanda said...

I'm that same way -- in fact, there's a lovely new bruise on my left forearm, the origins of which I am still trying to determine.

The bruise's origins, I mean. I'm relatively sure the forearm was factory-installed.

Pardon me, I'm still drinking coffee and it's almost 11:00 at night. Clearly I have lost my mind!

Choreboy said...

You are turning into a waif. A skinny, orphlet waif. *sigh* But I love you:)

Amanda said...

Dude, not a waif. Ain't happening. My genetics predispose me to an utter lack of waif-dom :P

tz said...

whoo hooo! that is awesome!

Lisa said...

you rocked the holidays! :)

Jen said...

Great job!

Do exercises to strengthen your core. (planks, crunches) It will help reduce your back pain.

Marie said...

Keep it up hon :) Just don't overdo it with the weights. It really kills your back.

I miss chatting to you, hope you're doing ok!