Saturday, February 07, 2009

Second Life - Hogwarts Music Video

Okay, I usually don't post You Tube videos (because I'm a slug and I'm too easily amused -- this blog would be *only* videos if I gave in all the time), but this one just kicks all kinds of serious ass.

I happened upon it at a Second Life friend's blog (original post here). He says it better, but basically the video was shot at the World of Hogwarts role-playing sim in Second Life. Yes, you too can go into SL and enroll in Hogwarts! I haven't myself, even though I'm a total Harry Potter nut, as my role in SL tends to be more on the management/ admin end, but I know many people from the WoH sim and they're just an amazingly awesome, creative group of people. Now of course, when you enroll in Hogwarts you're going to need some sort of backstory, right? So this particular avatar's backstory is that she's a teenaged rockstar. And what do teenaged rockstars do when they're going to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry? They shoot a video, of course! Yes, the song's really by Miley Cyrus, but... well, just have a look:

It's totally a blast :)

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